Digital Parenting How to Raise Your Kids in the Digital World?

We know that raising your kids in a Digital word is not a piece of cake, being a parent, you need to pay to a lot of attention to the many relevant factors associated with your child. As it is an age of the digital world, your child is in contact with the ever-evolving global system, he has many gadgets under his use including cellphone, laptops, computer and many more. With these smart gadgets, he has contact with the whole new world of information without discrimination about which information is good for him and which one is bad.

The Internet can be cancer for your child’s brain development if would not take one step forward toward cell phone monitoring. It is not a bad thing to spy on your own children because you are doing parental spy that means you are spying on them to save them from any danger and scam in future. There are many Parenting apps such as BlurSPY Android Spy Software is available with a motive to spy now. But still, you need some homework about how to raise your child in the digital world.

Do not restrict

Keep in mind always that do not set strict boundaries and rules for your children just because we are living in the digital world and to set your child free is a savvier risk. No! Just to save your efforts you are not allowed to ruin your child’s life and personality by setting strict boundaries, rather you should opt a small way to keep an eye on them without being detected. You should do fell monitoring, you just search on google phone monitoring software and there is a long list that will be appeared on the screen, you will be confused among them, which one to select?  Don’t worry without any doubt, use BlurSPY Android Spy Software, you will never regret by choosing blur spy mobile phone surveillance app.

Check Browsing History

Internet is a vast book fully loaded with all kind of information and open source for everyone, even a child can access all the information about an adult’s life just having a small clue about it, excess of everything is dangerous, this storm of too much information is injuries for your child. What you need to do is to check their browsing history? Obviously, if you are thinking to check their browsing history by lending phone from them, then sad reacts only because today’s child is smart enough to erase all the browsing history without leaving a clue, so, what to do? Install a phone bug app in your child’s smartphone, prefer to use BlurSPY Spyware app, after installing it you will have complete access to your child’s browsing history through your dashboard

Spy on Calls

According to a survey in us

  • Almost 78% of teenager use Alcohol.
  • 3 % of teenager start Smoking un school
  • 30 % start smoking at Middle school

There are many people out there, they attract teenagers towards this injurious and unhealthy activity. You need to take care of it, to save your child, useBlurSPYphone bug app for cell phones, a wide range of software are available but it difficult choose the best one, well we are taking this problem of yours off! Use BlurSPYsoftware for spying on the calls of your child. If you find any suspicious activity, you will be able to stop greater loss, but if you don’t make use of spying software then you will come to know at the end about what is done with your child and then at that stage,nothing will be in your hand.

Be their role model

It is said a daughter is a copy of her mother and a son is same as his dad. A child is like soft clay it will attain whatever shape you want to give him easily, no such efforts are required for developing good habits in him. If you want your child to be a great human then you should tell him about what thinks he has to adopt in his personality to become a good man, show him an example, and nothing can be so much exemplary for him then your own self. Be a great human by yourself first, don’t watch abusive things on digital media in front of him, also avoid watching fights on digital media channels, it will make your child short-tempered and aggressive.

Show good side of technology

If you teach your child how to use technology for his betterment and benefit, you will not need any cell monitoring software or parental spy, show him the positive side of the digital world, just like virtual reality, it is an amazing invention and gadget of the digital world use to teach the child in an interesting way. Secondly, cousin brother of virtual reality is the augmented reality that is used to do 3D modelling of characters that helps in getting an idea about any atom or other conceptual things.

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