Consider Permanent Residency in Australia Need for Skilled Workers

When the new graduates from medical colleges seek a placement, the primary criterion is the pay. If the salary is not good, then they do not want the job. They want growth opportunity and this is possible in a new country more than anything.

Need for skilled professionals

When you apply for Australian immigration permanent residency, it will be reviewed. There are many factors that will determine if your candidacy will pass the test or not. One of them is your medical qualification and how much it is needed now. Granted that there is a demand for all skilled professionals in Australia but your specialization is more needed in some parts than at the others.

Good salary and tough work conditions

Australia has one of the highest average salaries in the world. And, in Australia, the salary of the medical professional is third. The highest paid professionals are the miners who draw $106,400. Medical professionals get $60,000 – $82,000 which is higher than that in most places in the world.

They have exacting standards for working in Australian hospitals and though there is some community service that is still lagging proper facilities, the general conditions are quite good. People can opt for the community service if they want it. This will help you in the long run since they value community service greatly.

Apply early for the permanent residency

Since the Australia permanent residency process will take time, you should apply early. The professional placement service will assist you in every step of the immigration process. You might have to undergo testing at the state level for medical certification. If you pass the test and get certified to practice in Australia, then you can get a job.

Migrating is thrilling

Learning a new custom is a thrilling experience especially for the medical community. They need to be familiar with the grass root level of existence of the people to understand their problems well. The new medical professional can join up for a local language course and learn it. This will help them remain occupied while the other things get underway.

Show the money

If you opt for a First time working holiday visa, then you must have the money to support yourself and your family. You cannot take any dependent children with you. And if you want the second working holiday visa, then you must show that you have worked in the designated place for at least three months.

Make sure you work for the minimum specified period

Getting these visas and working for two years in Australia will help you get the permanent residency faster. Since the people of Australia are fun loving and very helpful, newcomers will feel right at home. Make it a point to mention your job preferences when you send your application as this will help them give you a better placement.

Working in a new place gives you the chance to change and experience things that one cannot experience in their hometown. This opportunity for change and growth is more for those in the medical field. If you stick to the guidelines and work diligently, the permanent residency will soon be yours. But, one must prepare oneself mentally for new experiences and change readily.

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