Check Out the Costly Medical Equipment you Can Purchase for Your Private Clinic with a Doctor Loan

As per reports, as much as 80% of medical equipment used in Indian hospitals and clinics are imported. With an import duty of around 2.5% and hefty charges on maintenance, the total cost of providing advanced medical care to patients may become quite expensive.

Hospitals and similar large-scale healthcare institutions may have an available pool of funds for such installations. In case of a private enterprise, the entire responsibility of arranging the medical equipment for a private clinic lies on the doctor who owns it. While facilitating the best treatment for patients is a doctor’s first priority, he/she also needs funding to purchase advanced equipment.

To assist this growing need, leading financial institutions offer healthcare finance to help healthcare professionals meet such project requirements.

Doctors can conveniently avail this loan to purchase the necessary equipment for their private clinic.

Here’s a list of expensive medical equipment you can purchase for your private clinic to bring your treatment at par with the best.

Expensive medical equipment to purchase with medical equipment loan

Check out some of the best point-of-care medical technology suitable for your private clinic. A loan for doctors can help you buy the best high-cost equipment and tools with specially designed features to facilitate healthcare services.

  1. X-ray machine (Portable)

Portable X-ray machines are one of the most popular advanced equipment used in medical practices. They are quite expensive and come with price tags between Rs. 10 Lakh and Rs. 21 Lakh. A portable X-ray machine facilitates diagnosis and high-quality digital imaging to help provide faster and more accurate services.

  1. Haematology analyser

With more and more patients requiring haematology diagnosis due to several reasons, it has become essential more than ever to have a haematology analyser in your private clinic. The equipment guarantees faster diagnosis while being precise, which helps in timely treatment of patients.

Not to mention, this advanced equipment is expensive, and the costs can go up to Rs. 6 Lakh if it is fully automated.

  1. Portable Ultrasound machine

While the need to be satisfied with the diagnosis is on the rise among patients, portable ultrasound machines, with their advanced video and imaging screen, provide the additional scope for a better experience. With available variations in these machines like 2D, 3D or 4D, their prices also vary.

Usually, the cost of this equipment starts from around Rs. 8 Lakh and may reach up to Rs. 16 Lakh depending on the variant.

  1. Endoscopes (Portable)

Advanced endoscopes come with high-quality imaging technology and can be adjusted as per the required sensitivity. This compact equipment is expensive though, and an automated one can cost up to Rs. 6 Lakh.

Nevertheless, lenders like Bajaj Finserv bring affordable financing of up to Rs. 30 Lakh in the form of Medical Equipment Loans to help doctors purchase these costly medical equipment. Avail it at competitive doctor loan interest rate and purchase them to offer your patients a satisfactory diagnosis and treatment.

With the financial market extending funds to doctors for medical equipment purchases as a professional loan, meeting these high expenses has become easier. Know how to be eligible for a loan for doctors, apply for it and expand your healthcare practice. Use it to install the expensive medical equipment in your private clinic and repay easily with the tenor extending up to 96 months.

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