7 Types Of Personal Loans In India That You Can Apply Today

In today’s scenario in India, a large number of people apply for personal loans. It is because a personal loan is the best financial tool to generate funds for many needs. Yes, you can easily raise funds to cover an emergency, making a large purchase, marriage expenses, debt consolidation, home renovations and more. What’s more, the easy application procedures equipped with quick approval, minimal eligibility and documentation along with faster disbursement makes it favourable. The higher loan amount of up to Rs.25 lakh payable between 12 and 60 months makes…

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Which FD Schemes Provide Highest Interest Rates in India 2020?

The Indian economy is likely to experience recession by the financial year 2020 along with the rest of the world, as predicted by the International Monetary Fund. With quarterly growth reports at 4.5% between June-September, lowest in six years, the RBI has implemented five successive repo-rate cuts in the year of 2019 to revive the growth rate of the country, currently standing at 5.15%. Such repo rate cuts are known to have a direct effect on the fixed deposit schemes under the new repo-linked regime, wherein total interest returns are…

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Know the Eligibility Criteria for PM Awas Yojana 2020 Scheme

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) is a Government of India initiative launched in the year 2015. PMAY is targeted to provide the rural and urban poor with affordable housing opportunities. With the objective to provide affordable housing for all, finances are provided to candidates that meet the eligibility criteria as specified by the Indian government.  Beneficiaries meeting the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana eligibility criteria can only avail the benefits and acquire advances for their first-time purchase of a house. According to data published by the Ministry of Housing and Urban…

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Why You Should Calculate Personal Loan EMI in Advance?

Whether you want to make an expensive home purchase, wish to renovate your home, or go on an exotic vacation, personal loans come handy to cover the immediate funds’ requirement for such short term expenses. However, a lot of borrowers feel clueless about the basic questions related to personal loans such as how much the loan would cost them, how long they need to pay the EMIs, and so on. If you’re also facing a similar dilemma, an EMI calculator can be extremely useful to help you find exactly how…

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How Reverse Mortgage Works? Know Facts!

The Indian financial market was introduced to the reverse mortgage loan (RML) in 2007, allowing pensioners older than 60 years of age secure a steady stream of income to pay for their daily expenses. It allows an individual to borrow from their home’s equity without paying any mortgage payments. It is a great option for seniors who own a house; RMLs usually disburse 40% to 50% or a residential property’s market value, which can accumulate to a significant amount and compare with other feature-rich secured credits like a loan against…

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Tips to Get a Credit Card Online


As of December 2018, the Reserve Bank of India has already issued 44.2 million credit cards across India, which is an 8.7 million addition of active credit accounts from its previous year. This indicates the rising demand for credit cards in Indian financial system. However, how to get a credit card is still a question that many individuals are still trying to figure out. To answer this, candidates can apply for a credit card via online or offline mode. The online mode has gained more recognition in recent times because…

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From A to Z all about Sukanya Yojna Calculator

Sukanya Yojna Calculator

Sukanya Samriddhi Account Scheme back in 2014, a major initiative of the Narendra Modi government. sukanya yojana calculator is the planning tool for planning / calculating a prosperity account, as well as the amount due every year. How to use Sukanya Kalyan Schemes / Calculator account Let’s understand a little about the earlier Sukanya Samriddhi account plan/scheme. Sukanya Yojana calculator can be opened only for girls in the age group of 10 years. The account has a maturity of 21 years, and money can be withdrawn once the child reaches…

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5 Tips You Must Consider Before Opting for a Housing Loan

Housing loan

Purchasing a residential property is one of the significant financial decisions in one’s life. Along with the exponential rise in the real estate sector, there is a steady growth of home loans in the financial market as well. India’s leading financial institutions and NBFCs are cashing in on this real estate boom by providing borrower-friendly home loans to help prospective buyers make their necessary purchase. However, most borrowers are unaware of the formalities they need to fulfil their housing loan approved. Henceforth, individuals who want to avail a home loan…

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