Best Canvas Wall Tents For Camping and Outdoor Excursions

Canvas Camping Tents

Wall tent is a type of outdoor tent that is based on four vertical walls. Mostly wall tents are made up of heavy canvas and provide more headroom than traditional pyramid-shaped tents. Canvas wall tents come with a variety of features, hence suitable for all four seasons.  Whatever style and pattern of wall tent you choose, is designed with proper ventilation and a smokestack to keep a wood-burning stove. The thick layers of canvas act as good insulation walls. So the outer temperature can not affect the inside environment of the canvas tent.

Canvas is a heavy, plain and tightly woven fabric material made from, cotton, nylon, or polyester fabrics. These canvas tents contain windows and doors in their walls that create a house alike scenario and allows you to catch a breeze during summer outdoor excursions. Canvas wall tents are highly useful for Avid campers, Fishing expedition, hunters, rescue operations, special events, and temporary housing.

Cotton Canvas Wall Tents are Best for Camping and Outdoor Excursions

There are plenty of reasons that make canvas wall tents an excellent choice to go on adventures in any season from summer to winter. Some of them are as follows:

  • More Durable 

A canvas wall tent can bear the UV rays of the sun. It does not weaken with the regular exposure of UV rays. Just a slight discoloration occurs. Even though it is rare to rip or tear a canvas wall when contacting a sharp object. A little care can turn your canvas wall tent purchase into a once in a lifetime with lots of adventurous memories.

  • Better Insulation Ability

Canvas holds better insulation capacity than other plastic materials. Therefore in hot days canvas tents remain cooler and in cool evenings, they remain hotter for more hours. With fewer temperature swings, cotton canvas tents offer you a more comfortable and convenient camping experience.

  • More Resistant to Noise

Since cotton is a lightweight and thin fabric, hence the canvas wall made of cotton doesn’t make a loud noise like plastic, when the tent flaps due to hard wind or any other reason. Also, it acts as a good sound barrier for all kinds of outer noise in the surroundings.

  • Larger Headroom

The inner space of a canvas tent is more breathable as compared to plastic or synthetic material. Since all the cotton woven pattern has tiny holes in its designing. So the natural air can transfer through these tiny holes and the required supply of oxygen for healthy breathing is always available in the tent. Unlike plastic tents, you are not forced to face stuffy humidity and hence breathing heaviness inside a canvas tent.

  • Arrangement for a Heat Source

A canvas tent is so convenient that you can add a heat source to it. The larger size and the material used in canvas wall tent construction allow its design to contain a heating tent stove.  A stove jack vent flap in the roof of the canvas tent allows the heat generation and its trapping inside the canvas wall tent. In the case of a plastic tent or synthetic fiber tents, it is impossible to live with a stove in winter.

Alpha Canvas Wall Tents: The Best Canvas Wall Tents For Camping and Outdoor Excursions

This complete range of canvas wall tent from White Duck is specially designed to match your next big hunting, camping, glamping, and music festival adventures requirement. Alpha canvas tents are made of 100% Cotton Canvas, 10.10 oz. Double Fill Army Duck Fabric and come in four different sizes i.e. 10’x12’, 12’x14’, 14’x16’ and 16’x20’ to cater to all kinds of families or groups. The top-rated military-grade YKK Zippers on both canvas and mesh doors are to ensure maximum durability and functionality.

Choose the best camping canvas wall tent that best suits your needs and budget. Make sure whatever design and size of the canvas wall tents you are going to choose for your next camping or hunting trip, should be comfortable and equipped with all safety measures. Cotton canvas tents are the best wall tents for your all adventurous trips.  They will not only provide you shelter but also that breeze of wildlife and nature sceneries, you were ever expecting from your adventures events.

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