YouTube and its influence on cooking

YouTube and its influence on cooking
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It is the 21st century and in more ways than one social media and the internet influencing the world. More and more people each day flock to watch content that is freely available and widely consumed. Cooking is a form of art that one picks up from either home or by studying the culinary arts through an institution. YouTube, however, has changed the game completely; this extremely popular video sharing platform opens up a whole new world where one can watch videos of renowned chefs and culinary masters whip up a storm in the kitchen. Watching such enthralling videos not only invokes an inner desire in people to start cooking but also opens them up to try out their hand in different cuisines from across the world.

Cooking styles have been changing dramatically since the meteoric rise of YouTube shows and it is influenced by a fusion of various palettes in more ways than one; people are experimenting and creating their own versions of delicacies that draw inspiration from a varying multitude of cuisine they discovered via the world of YouTube. With increasingly good audio-visual equipment widely available in the market, people are learning to record their own versions of delicacies and upload it to be viewed freely by everyone. With a global audience, the outreach is immense and it has now become a market rapidly capitalized by big TV networks and media companies.

Cooking is an art form that takes little talent and a lot of trial and error, with results that are simply delectably fulfilling. A huge catalogue of recipe videos and DIY examples, the audience net is widening. Each day an increasing number of people are trying their hand in the culinary arts finding solace and joy in the process. With the exposure to a global cuisine comes the need for a wide variety of ingredients which are surprisingly readily available in a local market. Rare ingredients are finding their way into markets and local marts, which makes it easy for a common man to turn his kitchen into a place gastronomic heaven.

Social media platforms and YouTube have created a whole new group of a target audience and an enticing new market. Any recipe that one needs is one Google search or a YouTube video away. Somebody eager to learn how to cook can now, with a fair bit of ease pick it up and master it with enough patience and trial. Cooking is an art form and YouTube is the Louvre of cooking, where people can showcase their creativity and talent, and can take positive feedback and various suggestions as well. The community itself is a thriving one, you can find a booming exchange of ideas and recipes and people giving each other applause and constructive criticism on their work.

A variety of recipe videos and cooking shows spawn across hundreds of Social media pages and YouTube channels. This widespread availability of content helps one discover their inner chefs and help bring to life food that is simply lip smacking.


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