Why should E-commerce Business Owners avail Live Chat Support Service?

To win customer’s hearts, it is imperative to offer desired services across all the channels like email, social media, voice, live chat, etc. With the time, live chat has drawn the attention of many business owners because it catches the eyes of customers of all ages.

For the e-commerce business owners, it is vital to offer an impeccable live chat support service. Since most of the online shoppers deem contacting a company by calling or emailing as the wastage of time, live chat plays a crucial role.

As per the reports, 6 out of 10 online shoppers don’t check out after adding products in a cart. This can affect the business growth easily. That’s why live chat support is considered so significant for the e-commerce businesses.

If you think that handling an internal team of live chat support and giving a prompt response is a piece of cake, you are wrong. It is suggested to contact renowned BPO firm that can offer consistent and uninterrupted live chat support service to customers.

Have a dekko at the below-mentioned points that will explain why it is vital for e-commerce business owners to avail live chat support service from a reputed BPO firm.

Reduces bounce rate

For the sake of business growth, e-commerce firm owners always wish to witness the least bounce rate. A high bounce rate or exit rate not only affects the profit levels but also brings down the site’s ranking on search engines. That’s why, live chat support experts make it a certain aspect to keep the bounce rate as low as possible.

Here a live chat tool could work as a helping hand. This tool shoots chat invitation so that visitors can easily ask questions if they have so.

Outsourcing companies have always been known for their large workforce and modern technology. These aspects certainly help the live chat agents to offer satisfactory response in a jiffy.

Seamless 24/7 support

With the time, the significance of live chat support service has snowballed. Industry reports suggest that 73% of customers prefer live chat over the telephone, email, and social media.

That time has gone when customers prefer to make a call or send an email regarding trivial queries. Live chat support service offers a convenience to customers to get prompt responses from the company’s end.

E-commerce business owners are inevitably supposed to be available round-the-clock. It is so because customers can contact a company at any time in order to get relevant resolutions of product-related queries.

Handling a huge pile of live chat support queries could easily drive the e-commerce business owners up the wall. Here BPO firm’s chat support services seem like a perfect option. The most cited reason behind that is BPO firms have a vast team that is dedicated 24/7 to offer an unparalleled service to your customers.

Helps in boosting revenue levels

To set the new benchmarks, it is paramount to boost the revenue levels. Here live chat support service could be helpful. Online shoppers don’t place an order until and unless they get a reliable answer of the product-related questions.

As per the reports, 44% of online customers drop the idea to buy products owing to doubts related to the products. This leads to an increase in the cart abandonment rate, which, in turn, leads to a decline in the profit levels.

In addition, customers are less likely to place a call or send an email in the middle of an online purchase. Hence, live chat is the most suitable alternative to communicate with the customers.

Keeps your focus on core business

From the business’s perspective, customers are the backbone of companies of all sizes. But it is vitally important to keep the focus on improving core competencies simultaneously. This is so because the competition level in the e-commerce industry has increased more than ever.

So, it is vital to cover all the bases so that competitors don’t get the upper hand. At the very same time, it is also significant to offer top-notch customer service across all the channels that include live chat, email, telephone, etc.

To keep the success ball rolling, it is advisable to e-commerce business owners to outsource live chat support service with others.

Final thoughts:

For the sake of a long-term relationship, it is significant for e-commerce business owners to live up to customer expectations. This is so because around 60% of millennial customers prefer live chat whenever they are in need of help.

So, live chat support is quintessential for the e-commerce business owners.


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