Visit Hauz Khas Village for an Out of the World Experience

Hauz Khas Village

Every coin has two faces. While the city life is tainted with the hustle and bustle of the roads, or the mushrooming pollution, it also has its own perks. The city life is synonymous to luxury and comfort. True indeed! People quite often are adorned with a lavish lifestyle and their way of living is quite modern, as compared to the people who live in the thicket of forests and mountains.

Every year a plethora of people from these hill stations and remote parts of India visit the capital city, Delhi to feel the touch of the city lives and blend in the aura of modernity. These curious travelers wish to seek some creme de la creme of the posh places of the city. This is quite evident from the legions of cabs and trains booked everyday, from the hill stations to the city, like the Dhanaulti to Delhi cab or Shima to Delhi trains.

Among the many marvellous places which a traveller must visit in Delhi, there is the most popular and the most adored Hauz Khas, which are bound to catch the attention of every tourist who wish to explore the realms of the party-style life deeper.

In the heart of Hauz Khas is an exquisite and serene Deer Park. The park is housed by various other animals apart from deers. There are lakes dotted inside the park, which offer an excellent place to sit around and click some peppy snaps with your dear ones. An excellent place for nature lovers, solace-seekers, the Deer Park is also popular among the college students and over the years, it has become their favourite hangout spot.

Besides the famous Deer Park in the Hauz Khas Village, there are legions of posh restaurants, bars and cafes blanketed in the place. Every day not only Delhiites, but also foreigners and travelers from every nook and corner of India, flock here to have an out of the world experience. As the Indians say, they feel an altogether different country, especially at night in the Hauz Khas Village! These cafes and outlets offer scrumptious dishes of every cuisine, something which is quite not ubiquitous everywhere in Delhi. There are special arrangements for parties at some of the restaurants and they are always jazzed up with vivid DJs, special dance and music shows, some of which are often hosted by prominent singers and other popular personalities. The best part is, you too can be the the centre of attraction of the entire place and showcase your talent by singing a song or shaking a leg or playing guitar or mouth organ! The place gets so sassy and lively that all those who wish to have a splendid gala time with their friends or lover must visit it atleast once in their lifetime. You are bound to throw away all your shyness and introvertness here and perk up in the heat of the jubilant aura. Every time one comes here, he does not return back without a heart, brimming with ecstasy, pleasure and fun.

So, visit Hauz Khas and craze your hearts out with the exuberance of this quintessential place. Because it is simply supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

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