Transplantation For Damaged Hair Or Bald People

The world has been developed so much that human’s get many things which were once very natural for them. The world has evolved along with technology in the fields of transplantation. All over the world, a new name is added, who needs organ transplantation, and hair transplantation is another surgical technique which has been undergone in many areas among many people.

When is hair transplantation done?

Hair transplant is done to get more hair on the head of probably a bald person or a person who might have unequal hair over his head and want that to be even. This is a surgical technique which is achieved by removing hair follicles or thick parts of the scalp or maybe from a donor’s part of the head, and grafting it to the recipients or the bald person’s scalp. There are many hair transplant center all over the world say India, USA, UK, all of the globe. There has been much successful hair transplant in Ludhiana as well. Successful hair transplant indicates that the growth will be full in the transplanted portion of the scalp. Many times, it might not work for you as well, which is dependent on the individual, but this is done to gain the lost hair may be in any injury.

Types of hair transplantation

There are many clinics which have undergone hair transplant in Ludhiana for people with less hair or bald people. There are mainly two types of techniques through which hair transplant is done, which are, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), also known as Strip Harvesting technique and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Both of them has its characteristics, features, methodology, and treatment. Though, Follicular Unit Extraction is considered to be better by surgeons, when compared. Many hair transplants in Ludhiana is done in Walia hospital for the people in India or from any other country, from around the last ten years. The rates of the treatment vary for each patient according to the treatment they undergo, and the services of different surgeons, doctors, and the infrastructure are also taken into account. Generally, many surgeons or hospitals with a hair transplant service can transplant around 3500 grafts to 4500 grafts during a single sitting.

Treatment and care that has to be taken by the patient

Hair transplant in Ludhiana is now getting done by many individuals. People tend to lose hair due to any injury, or any treatment and go bald or have less hair and have in need of good hair on their scalp. After the treatment or hair transplant surgery, one may need to continue with medications, since there might be a pain for several days. Within around two or three weeks, the transplanted hair begins to fall off from your scalp, but one should notice the growth of hair in a month. Seldom, surgeons prescribe an oil or moisturizer for increasing growth of hair. Though the world has developed so much in the fields of technology and life, transplants do have risks, and hair transplant includes risk of bleeding and infection, for which intense care has to be taken by the patient and follow the medications as said by the surgeon.

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