Top investments to improve your home

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Living in 2018, you can no longer have a mindset dating back centuries ago when having a home with the basic necessities of life was more than enough. Today, you have got to think about building an energy efficient house. As more people adopt this idea, the energy consumption of individual homes can be reduced to a considerable extent, which will ultimately benefit the environment as a whole. Renovating your home to include small changes is a good start. Home renovations are great, provided you know the present market behavior and what exactly will be a good investment in your home.

Renovating your home to incorporate the latest and modern trends may not just make your home much more energy efficient, but it also has the possibility of increasing the market value of the home.

Here are a few investment ideas to improve your home.

  1. Bring In Energy Efficient Appliances

This is the first thing you should do. Replace the age-old appliances in your home with the energy efficient ones. For instance, replacing incandescent bulbs with CFL ones will cut down your energy costs to a great extent. Appliances that are certified by Energy Star do not just help you save money, but they are also environment-friendly as they operate on minimal power. You can find almost all essential home appliances under the energy efficient category, from refrigerators to washing machines, from fans to TVs, and so much more. So, start now and be a smart consumer.

  1. Remodel Your Windows Into Energy Efficient Ones

Windows are an essential part of every home. They allow light to enter and also provide ventilation in homes. But most of us do not know that windows can adversely impact a home’s energy efficiency. You can minimize this by investing in energy efficient windows. Storm windows are a great option as they reduce air leakage while making the interior of your home more comfortable. If you do not want to install new windows, caulking or weatherstripping your existing windows is the ideal way to go.

  1. Revamp Your Floor

Considering where you live, upgrading the floors of your home can be a great way to make your home energy efficient. If you live in a warm place having a tropical climate almost all year round, floor tiles are the way to go. They help keep the interiors cool. On the other hand, if you reside in a cold climate, installing hardwood floors and carpeting would be the ideal choice. While hardwood floors look stylish and classy, together with carpeting and rugs, they can keep your home warm. Carpets are excellent insulators, and they trap the heat inside, thus, maintaining a warm ambiance within.

  1. Landscape Around Your House

Planting trees around your house can help you save a lot on cooling costs during summer. Plants and trees will act as a barrier for the sun rays, preventing them from entering your home, thus keeping your home cool. An important thing to keep in mind while investing in landscaping is that you should always opt for native and low-maintenance plants that do not require too much watering. Plants that need a lot of watering will only increase your motor and water bills, and that is not really energy efficient.

  1. Install More Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are undoubtedly the most economical and affordable means to cool your home. They consume far less energy than air coolers or air conditioners while delivering pretty good air circulation throughout rooms. Furthermore, using energy efficient ceiling fans, such as Atomberg fans, can help you reduce your energy consumption by almost 65%. Ceiling fans are also great for lowering heating costs during winter if you reverse their direction. By doing so, the fan will push the warmer air down towards the floor, and when the warm air spreads out to the edges of the room, your room will start to feel warmer. Thus, you can lower the temperature of your thermostat and still keep your room warm.

By incorporating these minor changes within your house, you can scale up the value and energy efficiency of your home to a great extent.



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