Things You Must Know While Wearing & Washing Silk

Washing Silk

Do you like wearing silk? Many do because of its delicate and elegant feel. But clearing it is also to be kept in consideration as people don’t have enough knowledge on how to wash silk appropriately and end up compromising the quality of it. Having said, we clean so many silk garments year around and most of the silk cleaning is done in summer. Silk fabrics surely look great and feel good.

Since we are all done with all good, excellent, fantastic and fantabulous of silk, let’s look into the other side of this. It’s not to scare you anyway but silk is also susceptible to conditions of stains, wear and color loss. Therefore, here are few things you should know while wearing and washing silk. So let’s dig in;

Sweating vs. Silk

For those of you who are prone to sweating, it’s important to be careful while wearing silk. Sweating and such kind of wearing conditions result inthe permanent color change. Therefore, it’s suggested to clean the silk as soon as possible if you are heavily perspiring while wearing silk if you don’t want to compromise the material quality and color.

Silk Weakening

Any sort of spills carrying chloride salts can weaken the silk. Many types of beverages, medicines, and foods have plenty of chloride salts in them. Therefore, just be careful that you don’t mistakenly spill any of those over the silk fabric you are wearing. In case it gets spilled when you are out, you should clean the garment ASAP.

Useful Tip: Applying perfume or deodorant over the fabric before wearing is really helpful in preventing color loss and staining.

Silk & Chlorine Products

If you do not have enough idea about how to wash silk appropriately, it’s suggested to follow the manufacturer’s care label instructions. Many don’t realize that silk should not be treated like the other fabrics while washing as it results in limpness, fading, and shrinkage. It’s highly recommended not to used chlorine bleach or any such product on silk. Chlorine badly affects the color of silk. In fact, it’s strictly prohibited to rub silk if you get any chlorine product spilled over it mistakenly. 

Dry Cleaning Silk

If you are concerned about how to wash silk by yourself, it’s suggested rather get it dry cleaned. Silk responds really well to dry cleaning. In order to get your silk cleaned appropriately without getting its original color and quality compromised, it’s essential to get it dry cleaned. Mostly, all the garment with washable labels like silk can be safely dry cleaned.

Don’t Miss an Additional Cookie

Here is the bonus tip if you want your favorite silk garment to last longer with its actual quality and color. Make sure to store garment in the dark area. The less the silk exposed to sunlight, the longer it lives. Long exposure to sunlight causes fading and streaks over the silk fabric. Therefore, just make sure that your silk fabric is not exposed to sunlight or other strong lights for too long as it can affect the quality.


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