What is Sabang Marine Festival 2017?

Sabang Marine Festival

Have you ever heard about Sabang Marine Festival 2017 and stuffs? Actually, it was a grand event held by Indonesian government on 19-23 April 2017 as one way to increase the international tourist visiting to Indonesia. Of course, by the name, it aimed specifically to introduce more about the beauty of Indonesia from marine tourism aspect. Other than that, ever since this event becomes a trend around the globe, government has already put more attention to it since it is in line with Presidential Order No. 104 2015. By the regulation, tourists do not have to pay any entry visa to visit Indonesia; instead they will be given with visa coupon with 30 days length of validity. This grand event aimed to introduce the possibility to visit Indonesia, or Sabang Island to be exact, via water or sea not only by air or by land. Therefore, in order to prepare for this event and expect tourists to visit through cruise ships and personal yacht, BPKS prepared Marina, located at LhokWeng, Sabang, as a yachts’ terminal.

This grand event was initiated by BPKS, or well-known as Sabang Development Agency, with specific aim to increase the existence of Sabang as marine destination among yachter or sailor community. However, it is possible that you have asked to yourself about the background why Sabang Marine Festival 2017 is held? Well, you can say that the main purpose is to promote and introduce to international tourism about the existence of LhokWeng Marina, Sabang, so they can use it to enter Indonesia. Yet, there are more purpose about his grand event, such as:

  • To let people know about the beauty and potential of Sabang as a tourism destination.
  • To increase the flow of international tourists entering Indonesia, especially Sabang, and consider Sabang as must-be-visited destination.
  • To increase the number of foreign exchange
  • To be used as investment opportunities
  • To create new field for workers specifically in tourism sector
  • To make Sabang well-known for its capability to be used as world destinations for around the globe yachter
  • To accelerate the development in any sector.

That is why, ever since it has a lot of important purpose to the popularity of Sabang as international marine tourism, this grand event was supported by government as well all related stakeholder and other institutions.

Sabang Marine Festival 2017 unique is quite true because you will not find any other similar event like this one. Apart from no obligation for international tourist to pay the visa, it also easier for any yacht to get licencing before entering Indonesia, such as the CIQP at arrival port, or no requirement for CAIT and ITP anymore. The last Sabang Marine Festival, in 2016, can be said as a test case whether it was possible to implement this law or not. Other than that, To be expected, there are several countries written down has higher possibility to join this grand event including Australia, United States, France, Canada, Austria, British Virgin Island, Netherland, Belgium, England, Malaysia, and New Zealand.

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