What to and what not to expect from an Inbound Call Centre?

All of us are aware of the fact that call centre agents are highly efficient in maintaining politeness and patience in their jobs. While on call, along with their expertise in performing tasks, the reps showcase the warmest behavior and try to resolve every registered query with efficiency. But, many times, the customers who reach out to the operators do not know when to make a call, what questions to ask or how to gain the maximum satisfaction? Despite their maximum efforts in keeping calm, the situation sometimes worsens and both the ends face an undesired chaos. This accounts for the lack of knowledge about the functions of an inbound call centre and the employees working in it.

This part of the contact centre is exclusively focused on answering the incoming calls and not initiating on their own.  Still, some naysayers spread misinformation among the masses and have a bad mouth about the call centres. The incognizant population involves in creating doubts about the potential of the labor force and confusing others. So, in order to elucidate the role of organizations in responding to your calls and the boundaries of their realm, let us go through some key points. The following delineation would be helpful for you to just have logical anticipations from the workforce of the concerned domain:

What to expect?

The contact centres hire specialists only to serve its customers with the finest of support services. You can count on them for walking an extra mile to make your call worthwhile. The supervisors are always present beside them to keep an eye on their execution. In case there is a system failure, an unaccomplished task or network connectivity issue, a higher authority is there to administer it. So, before you pick that dialer up and decide to make a call, remember these points-

  • Call centres are established to register and revert to your requests and queries.
  • The agents are there to offer detailed information about their company and its products.
  • You might be availed with toll-free services but it is not mandatory.
  • You can expect round-the-clock provision of services. In the absence of human resource, you will be redirected to an automatic answering machine.
  • Some contact centres proffer a help desk to manage ITES issues.
  • The modern software and tools are installed in the call centre equipment.
  • Your call will be relayed to the most suitable authority in the organization.
  • A complete customer support is a guaranteed feature of the call centre. You can report any type of objection pertaining to the products and services.
  • The reps are also appointed to take your feedback about the services.

What not to expect?

Just because the leading inbound call centre aims at satisfying its customers, it doesn’t mean that the manpower employed in it is your slave. The reps are trained to work in a definite way and are bound to perform a pre-defined set of activities. So it is unfair to demand irrelevant and impractical appeals from them. Now before starting to weave daydreams and plunging into the pool of expectations from the operator, ensure that you keep the following points in mind-

  • You will not receive a call from the inbound sphere of a company, you have to initiate one.
  • The entire communication will be facilitated through the telephone calls, emails or social media platforms.
  • The agents cannot travel and visit you in case you demand personal meetings.
  • The reps will not entertain any misbehavior or swearing words in the course of a professional call.
  • The agents basically profess in the non-core activities. So, technical assistance is not their part of the job.
  • There are limitations to what information they can provide you with. So, any revelation of the confidential data is impossible.
  • The agents are neither responsible nor answerable for any breakage or fault in the delivered product.
  • The different stages of an SCM are completed by distinguished departments. The inbound staff does not take care of the steps. It just deals with providing information.

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