Know about the Document Check List while Immigrating to Canada

Immigrating to Canada

The work permit for Canada is one of the easiest pathways to migrate to Canada through which you could find legal permission to work. Through it you will be allowed to work and live in Canada for four years. This four year give you an ample of time to explore Canada and some good job opportunities over there. Through this you could also know about rest of the condition of the country. Always consult an immigration consultant for Canada before you apply for work permit over there.

Follow all the terms and conditions written on the work permit provided by you. This will help you avoid all the legal problems over there. Gradually after working there if you feel like getting a permanent residency then also you could apply for the same. For this you just need to fulfill some key responsibilities. This makes evident that work permit is really a pathway for someone who is looking for a permanent residency. There are many companies which provide immigration consultancy services; you just need to be wise enough while you choose them for you.

List of document check list to be considered while you migrate to Canada:

  1. Offer letter of employment- The offer letter which you get from the employer in Canada is a must for getting a work permit in Canada. But before this you need to apply for good and worthy jobs in Canada and it has to be approved by LMIA.
  2. Photo copy of LMIA- It is another important document that you need to carry when you are migrating to Canada on work permit. Once you get LMIA you will be eligible to fill any other job opening sin Canada. Without this document your migration process would be considered incomplete.
  3. Photo copy of the nomination letter- If you have been nominated by a province then you will have a nomination letter too. Once you reach there you may need to provide this as a proof of your documentation process. This is an exempt from LMIA need.
  4. Proof that you meet all the job requirements- You need to provide all the valid proof related to your job appointment. If all your documents support the same then only you will be allowed to migrate.
  5. Proof of fund- You also need to show your bank accounts and documents proving the same so that it could be an evident that you can easily manage your living in Canada. With this will give them a confirmation about the same. Thus you could migrate easily.
  6. Miscellaneous documents- Some other documents needed for the same are photographs, the application form, passport, statutory declaration, information about the family and the fee payment receipt.

Canada immigration consultants are very particular about the document verification. These are some of the documents needed for migration to Canada and if at all you miss even one of these you may land into some severe problem. So as to avoid all these you need to take proper care of all your documents.

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