Install B612 for the best selfiegenic camera

Install B612 for the best selfiegenic camera
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What is the B612 app?

The b612 app is not new and needs no introduction;it is basically a perfect app for the selfie-lovers. It comes with some really cool filters and different beauty modes along with innumerable stickers to enhance the selfie-game. The b612 app is available for both the Android and the IOS users, which makes it all the more interesting. However, this is just a brief introduction of the b612 app as there is a lot more the app has to offer.

Who can use this app?

All those selfie lovers who are fond of taking cool pictures and posting them instantly on their social media websites and bloggers whose job is to post cool and gorgeous pictures are the ones who should definitely install b612.

What are the key features of the b612?

  • The selfie- timer- The b612 comes with the selfie timer which lets one adjust themselves while taking a selfie.
  • Filters- B612 comes loaded with different filters, which can be applied while taking pictures with the application. Also, it allows one to apply different filters to the pictures that are already saved in the phone gallery.
  • The touch mode- With the touch-mode, one is free to tap anywhere on the screen, while taking selfies with the b612 app. The touch mode can be switched on and off according to one’s preference.
  • Different dimensions- A lot of times we prefer taking selfies in different dimensions; so the b612 comes with a number of different dimensions. You can choose the dimension according to your choice and start clicking pictures.
  • Funny mask- Those who love clicking selfies can use the funny mask while taking them. It comes with a tiara, horror mask and some other weird and funny masks.
  • Decorate the background- The best feature of the b612 is the background decoration. It adds life to selfies with a boring background. However, it does need a working internet connection for downloading the background.

These are some key features that make b612 stand out from the rest.

How to use different filters b612 filters?

Filters are the most preferred and sort after feature of every application, and b612 comes with some 30 different filters that let you play and experiment with them. You just need to swipe horizontally to choose the best filter suiting your picture. You can also tap on the filter of your choice and go through them. Moreover, more filters can be downloaded by tapping on the plus icon, and you can even get rid of the filters that you don’t need.

Why use the b612 selfie application?

If you are fond of taking selfies, then the b612 camera is the best camera for clicking pictures without any shutter sound. It allows you to disclose your location on the picture and also lets you add or remove the b612 mark from the selfies. It comes with an auto-save mode and allows sharing of pictures directly on the different social media sites.

If you love clicking pictures with different filters and masks and are looking for something fun then install b612.

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