Gem Stones Can Be Beneficial

Coral stone is a very precious gemstone which is mainly found in deep waters which is formed in rocky sea beds with a very low level of sedimentation.  It is a kind of organic gemstone which is hard in nature and very durable at the same time. White and red corals have a lot of calcium carbonates and also have a specific gravity. The easiest way to find out a real and authentic coral is by checking its translucent and opaque form.

Most of the original coral moonga gem stones are found in Italy and western part of Mediterranean Sea. There are also notable deposits of coral found in Midway Islands, Taiwan, Japan and Australia. There is a triangular coral and an oblong coral. A triangular coral is worn to make a person calm and stronger. It also improves money and other property related issues.  Now the question lies is, who can wear this red coral stone and who cannot wear it. Of course it completely depends on the birth chart and horoscope of an individual. For that, one has to consult an astrologer. Without consulting them, one should not wear a gem stones; not any gem stones for that matter. Those who have the Mangal Dosha can wear this stone o get a positive result. In fact an individual suffering from any kind of blood related disease can wear this.

As per Indian astrological beliefs a coral gem stones is the birth stone for Aries and Scorpio people. It bestows the power of Mars on people who wear it and brings strength, confidence, stamina and good health. The price of a coral gem stones completely depends on the originality of the stone and the carat of it.

This stone has a lot of healthy energy and it also has a very special healing capacity. This has the healing power of many crucial and complicated diseases like bone marrow diseases and other blood related problems. If someone is facing some nerve problems and health issues, then also this stone works wonder on them. It also helps in curing diseases like breast cancers, brain tumours and others. This stone can bring quick wealth to an individual. This brings strength to financial power to those who are starting new ventures and are very much new to the business. It helps in having a settled professional life.

On the other hand, moti pearl gem stone is directly connected with the moon. All the natural pearls are mostly milky white in colour. It is so white and blemish free that it is always compared with the moon. The astrologers say that these stones have many healing effects and it has a lot of medicinal values. The moon, to which this stone is connected to, is known as the goddess of water and it is said that moon rule over all the liquid elements that are present on earth. That is why; pearl is the source of energy and it helps one to have positivity about every aspect in life.

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