Ganesha Paintings-The Best Way to Clasp Divinity in Your Space

Irrefutably, there are two completely different spaces that remain close to each person’s heart. One is the space they reside in- home and other where they work- office. Hence, renovating the look of both of them in order to change the reverberations becomes quintessential. Most of the individuals resort to choosing paintings and idols for embellishing their living room or their work desk in the office. Though each person has different taste in art, placing paintings and idols of the divine is pertinent. Religious paintings and idols are believed to infuse the surrounding area with positivity and are known for keeping negative energies away.

Amongst all the religious paintings, Ganesha paintings are the ones that are often chosen by art lover and god believers over any other religious painting or sculpture.  It is so, as Ganesha is the revered deity of Hinduism and this elephant-headed god is worshipped before any other god. He is known for his wisdom, intelligence. Loved by not just elders but children as well, this divinity has many stories attached.

So, let’s first have a look at the most uncanny story associated with the lord and then understand the importance of Indian paintings and the benefits of adorning your space with beloved Ganesha paintings and idols.

Why is Ganesha elephant-headed?

Ganesha didn’t have the elephant-head earlier. There is a really uncanny yet interesting story behind this. Actually, according to Hindu Mythology, one fine day, Goddess Parvati was making preparation to take a bath. Soon, she realized that there is no one to guard the house while she will bathe. Hence, after thinking for a while, before going to the pond, she made a sculpture from mud and infused it with life. She named him Ganesha and ordered him to not to let anyone enter the house. Ganesha was very obedient, he didn’t let anyone enter inside and adhered to his mother Parvati’s order aptly. However, all of a sudden Lord Shiva came to see his wife. Ganesha was unaware of the fact that Shiva is his father. Thus, he didn’t allow him to enter. This, in turn, infuriated Lord Shiva and he started yelling at Ganesha. Soon they got into a fight with each other and ended with the end of Ganesha’s life.

After sometime Parvati returned, the sight of this left her broken and sad. She started weeping in anger and melancholy. Ganesha was decapitated and when Lord Shiva heard Devi Parvati telling him that he has killed his son, he was left shattered. She thought of some way to infuse life again in Lord Ganesha. He commanded other to find an elephant sitting beside his mother. He then took the head of an elephant to bring Ganesha back to life. He was bestowed by Shiva with powers and blessing of getting prayed prior to every other lord even him.

What does Lord Ganesha paintings and idols connote?

There is a meaningful presence of everything in the idol and painting of Ganesha. Even the colors connote something. The small eyes tell about his dedication, ears about his good listening skills and readiness to imbibe wisdom. Moreover, the mouth asks us to speak to the point and stick to what we say. The round bulging belly not just shows his love for food but also asks us to learn to face the good and the bad in life bravely. He has four hands, in one he holds an axe, in other a lotus and out of the other two, one of his hand rests and the other is for blessing his devotees. The lotus reminds us to cultivate the habit of not getting affected by something bad, continue to bloom, no matter what. The broken tusk connotes sacrifice made.

Why should you adorn your space with Ganesha Paintings?

The paintings will be the perfect touch of calmness and divinity in your space. The paintings and idols of this deity are considered auspicious and that is why, they are gifted and purchased while starting a new venture, shifting in a new house or creating a room for worshipping in your house. People also purchase art to bring good fortune to their home. Moreover, when someone is facing hardships and problems in his life, the Ganesha paintings or idols are worshipped and kept in the house. Ganesha is also known as ‘Vighnaharta’, so it is believed that he helps his devotees in facing and solving the problems of their life.

You can get affordable art paintings of Ganesha from the online art galleries easily. You can even buy miniature paintings as they are relatively low in price.

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