Do You Really Need an Antivirus in 2019?

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The world of computers has been changing with times and more and more features are being added to enhance your experience using computers. The days of personal computers being called virus-filled boxes have long gone. With advancements in technologies, there have been more options for security added to the Operating Systems. There are a lot of new malicious programs being created each day with an intention to create havoc or to steal your information.

Do You Need an Antivirus in 2019?

The answer to the question is ‘Yes’. But, you do not only need an antivirus.

We no longer have to deal only with the viruses that might infect our computers and can erase off our personal data. Nowadays, Malware is a greater threat and is quite common. The best malware can silently sneak into your system and you might not even know it. It might just be hiding there and doing what you do not want to do.

With new and advanced Windows 10, Microsoft has taken the safety and security of your system seriously. The windows have added two new very important tools in Windows 10 to keep your data safe.

  • Windows Defender
  • Windows Firewall

But, the question now arises is are these tools as effective as antivirus software and can they replace the antivirus?

Are these Tools as Effective as an Antivirus?

Good antivirus software will have good defense rating. The antivirus should primarily be able to detect and eliminate any kind of threat including virus and malware. The best antivirus should be able to update itself and defend your system against a vast range of threats including ransomware and zero-day attack.

The study of AV comparative tested around 17 different antivirus brands and the Windows Defender received only 99.5% of rating and fell behind 7 major software brands.

The IT security institute illustrated that Defender falls behind most of the antiviruses in eliminating the Zero-day malware attack. The Zero-day attacks are referred to as the attacks that happen as soon as the developers discover a vulnerability in the security. These attacks are highly popular amongst cybercriminals.

The study shows that the Windows Defender is only 97% effective against these zero-days threat, quite lower than the industry standards of 99.5%. The difference might seem to be narrow but it needs just one attack to steal all your data from your PC.

Usability Issues

The antivirus software may affect your computer usage experience because it has to scan the websites, files, or anything that is loaded or it interacts with. A user wants the least interference and highest of protection from best of the antivirus. The Windows Defender can be something that will be coming in your way.

So, a user can not completely rely on the Windows Firewall and Windows defender tools that come preloaded with the Windows 10. You have to install a branded, reliable and secure antivirus application, which can have excellent features and services to offer. Some of the best antivirus software provides great support like the Norton Security Support. The users can contact in case they face any kind of issue will working with the antivirus.

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