A Detailed Account Of Bond Cleaning And Its Tenets!

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Bond Cleaning:

It is mandatory to know about the process before considering opting for professional help. In this case, we are talking about bond cleaning which is also familiar as lease cleaning or exit cleaning. So what does it mean? Before moving into a house, there is specific bond or lease form that the tenant has to sign in exchange of the deposit he pays as security. This money which is also called the bond money is a part of the caution money which is refunded later on when the tenant leaves. The bond money can be refunded or not due to a number of reasons and bond cleaning is one of them. Bond Cleaning can be thus defined as the cleaning of your rented property so that you will be refunded your bond deposit you paid when you first rented the property. There is always a term mentioned in the agreement about returning the property at the end of the tenure, and that must be neat and clean. This is a documented condition which the tenant has to follow and hence at this stage it is better to hire the professional cleaners who know the cleaning in depth.

Bond Cleaning and what does it include?

It is clear that without cleaning the house before leaving it, a tenant will not be refunded the bond deposit. Thus, this is when you take help of the bond cleaners who provide professional help to do the necessary cleaning. If the house is big and due to many other reasons, cleaning it all by your self is definitely hectic and problematic. So what can be done otherwise is that give a call to bond cleaning services and they would do the work for you.

Does the cleaning require cleaning the whole house or specific parts of the same? Here is a list of what does bond cleaning specifically includes:

  • All the windows, doors and walls need to be cleaned both from inside and outside.
  • All the window furnishings like blinds and curtains need to be cleaned.
  • The carpets inside the house are expected to be steam cleaned and the floors vacuumed and mopped.
  • It must be ensured that any stains in any part of the house if cleaned or wiped.
  • If there is swimming pool which is unattended for some time, then it must be cleaned.
  • The cupboards must be cleaned both from inside and outside.
  • The extractor fans which are attached to the kitchen and washroom must also be cleaned.

These are some of the spaces that one needs to keep in mind while appointing professional bond cleaners to do the task. It is important to give back an apartment, house or any other unit in the same form that you received it.  You can avail these services in any part of the world. If you are living in Queensland Australia, then bond cleaner Brisbane is a good option for you.

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