How Customer Service Centres Can Resolve the Issues Faced by BFSI Companies?

Customer Service Centres

While looking for outsourced customer service centre, it is crucial for any business to identify and select the right vendor. There is no denial to the fact that identifying and selecting the right vendor plays a critical role in the accomplishment of business goals. A careful selection of vendor becomes all the more important for companies dealing in banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) industry.

BFSI industry is a customer driven industry. For the smooth operation of the processes, it is important that companies in BFSI industry provide quality customer services. To streamline all business processes, more and more BFSI companies are seeking professional assistance. They are subcontracting their customer support to third party customer service centre to provide round the clock customer services that cover a wide range of customer requirements. In addition to offering customer services, these centres help companies generate revenues by up-selling and cross-selling products and services, make most of the market opportunities that are available outside of their geographic marketplaces, offer customised offers and campaigns for a wide range of audience and accomplish other tasks efficiently.  These service centres help companies accomplish all these tasks effortlessly and in the most cost-effective manner. Multi-channel Customer service centre make the most of its skilled and experienced professionals and leverage latest call centre technology to offer companies strong and scalable support for customers via: telephone voice support, live web chat support, e-mail management, self-service and even SMS support. Thus they enable organisations operating in banking, financial services or insurance sectors to stay connected with their treasured customers throughout the year and improve the customer experience and satisfaction level.Customer Service Centres

Market is flooded with customer service centres that offer domain specific customer services for BFSI companies. For the banking sector, they offer call centre services that cater to the needs of personal, corporate, retail and even investment banking. For the companies operating in financial sector, they offer services to take care of capital markets, while the services for insurance industry are meant to take care of insurance products. The services offered by these centres help resolve the issues faced by BFSI companies by ensuring:

Scalability of resources:

As an increasing number of BFSI companies consider expanding their existing customer base by acquiring new customers, customer service centre help these companies calibrate all the services offered to customers. The centre offers scalability in terms of size of the team of professionals and technical tools to keep up with the increasing requirement of a growing company.

Security of data:

For successful operation of a BFSI company, it is mandatory that it well guards the personal and financial profile of its customers and keeps all the information confidential to comply with governmental regulations and also to retain its customers’ trust. Customer service centres have strict data policies that ensure confidentiality of customer information.

Quality of customer support:

Round the clock assistance of experienced, skilled and dedicated call centre executives ensures quality customer service as effortlessly as possible. These executives are specially groomed and trained regarding the doctrines of a company they are aligned with. This ensures that they answer every call as professionally as possible. Customer service centres also offer customised services as per the needs and requirements of a company.

Support across multiple channels:

To meet up with increasing expectations of customers, even BFSI companies need to identify and understand customer behaviour and provide round the clock support over the channel that customers are using to connect with companies. Customer service centres provide customer support over multiple channels that ensure customers can contact and connect with companies via different communication channels.

Best in-class technical support:

Reliable Customer service centres invest time and money in acquiring latest technology and setting up infrastructure. Access to latest call center tools and technology ensures impeccable customer service. Access to latest dialers, routers, call distributors, IVR and other equipment empowers call centre executives to perform their task efficiently and effortlessly.

End-to-end for multiple requirements:

From services like telemarketing, lead generation, appointment scheduling, telesales, acquisition of new customers, after-sales customer support, up-selling and cross-selling and customer retention management, customer service centres offer end-to-end services so that BFSI companies do not have to go through the trouble of finding and managing multiple vendors.

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