AnalytixLabs Gurgaon feedback: Accolades from the entire analytics industry!

Despite rising popularity of analytics over the last few years, the industry is still facing acute shortage of competent data scientists and analysts who are capable of performing diverse range of analytical tasks.  Although several businesses have quite clearly mentioned the crucial attributes that they want in any budding analysts, yet most of them find it extremely challenging to find a skilled professional who can handle all the crucial analytical tasks meticulously.  This trend has obviously not favored any organization in the way they had expected, and on the other…

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Education in the USA: SAT a catching trend

Life is a long journey, and there are many steps along the way. One encounters moments of pure bliss and agony during this journey, and that moulds us and teaches us to be better human beings. One of the most important tools in life is education. Amassing knowledge and information is one of the main purposes of humankind. It is the vast amount of documentation available to us that has helped us evolve into what we are today. Knowledge and wisdom are two very important attributes, which can shape a…

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The Relevance of Data Science in Today’s World

Data Science

Today, data science is all that organizations are busy focusing on. That’s because, over the last decade, there has been so much data generated as well as retained by companies, also known as ‘big data’ that can be used in many innovative ways to make smarter decisions. The power of big data is evident in multiple industries now. In a healthcare company, big data can actually save and improve lives. By having plentiful data of a patient and the surroundings they stay in, it is possible to construct models that…

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Important Geometry Topics and Tips for CAT 2018

Tips for CAT 2018

Geometry is one of the most important topics of CAT Quantitative aptitude section. Similar to every other chapter for QA, this one requires significant preparation. In CAT, questions-related to geometry are common and holds good weightage. So, with the significant number of questions from this chapter, geometry does require some extra attention. It is important to take a systemic approach while preparing the CAT geometry questions. The subsections of geometry require different levels of attention and preparation. So, to help the candidates prepare for geometry effectively and ace CAT 2018…

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Top 5 Tips to Find Effective E-learning Company

So far e-learning was an essential part of advanced education, but presently, it has become one of the essential parts of corporate training and development function. No matter how big or small the company is, e-learning has become one of the most profitable strategies for them. From a study, it has been proved that around 40% companies in the US are using e-learning procedure and soon, the system will be followed by others also. The popularity of e-learning content development India has also increased a lot. If you are an…

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A Right School Empowers Your Child with Strong base

Many schools are there that can turn out to be a perfect option for your kids. If you have worrying about the schooling of your kids, there is no need to panic. Even if you are looking for boarding schools, you need not to do any type of compromise. It is because the number of boarding schools out there is immense. There is no shortage and so no need to compromise. If you are looking for the Best boarding schools in India cbse, you must do some homework first.  There…

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Understanding in-depth about Proctored exam for hiring

Proctored exam for hiring

Are you planning to switch to proctored exam and wondering whether it can be really an efficient solution? If yes, then certainly this is the best step that you can opt for. Ideally, such type of test is an online recruiting service which is well secured and highly private. Proctor is more like a person monitoring the candidate who has appeared for the exam. There are in-person proctoring centres that are available. Earlier, such type of solution was only used for distance learning students but now looking at its increasing…

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Learn R to get Ahead of the Crowd

The analytics and data science market has evolved faster than probably any other field in the recent times. The value of data science has increased over time and now it is realised by all sects of various industries. The potential is immense. So the data science related skills are becoming sought after in all industries. What is loudest on the radar? Among the many data oriented skills Python skills are most sought after at the moment. The number of companies who are working on the Python platform is steadily increasing.…

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