How to buy the best Indian tourist SIM card?

Indian tourist SIM card
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India is one of the favorite tourist destinations. This south Asian country is known for its historic beauty and nature. There is a lot to explore in giving you a plethora of surprises all around. Not to forget the classic heritage and amazing food of India’s capital: Delhi is something that everyone wants to experience at least once in their lifetime.

Isn’t it the kind of vacation that you have been longing for trip to India/ Delhi is a must if you haven’t done it till now?


And when you decide to begin this soulful adventure of exploring Delhi, you should also consider buying a new local SIM connection. Getting a new SIM connection will not just help you in staying connected to your close ones, but there are many more benefits of the same.

You can use the network connection to search for routes/ places/ availabilities etc. With the onset of internet, everything is very accessible. So having a data connection in Delhi will further help you to explore every beautiful place in an organized manner.

Internet connection/ network connection also enhances your safety when you are away from home.

If you are travelling to Delhi you should consider getting a good network connection for yourself. There are super simple ways to Buy SIM Card Online.

You can just order it at one of the online stores like whenever you reach Delhi-NCR. The SIM gets delivered within 2 hours of the order time.

The best part about ordering SIM online in Delhi is that it will be delivered at your doorstep by a representative, that too for free. The representative will also help you in the activation process. In case of prepaid numbers, the first recharge will be automatically credited your account.

To buy your SIM online, go through the four easy steps on and get your own local SIM delivered home for free. Here is your guide to the absolutely simple 4 steps to buy a new mobile connection.

Step 1: Select the network connection that you wish to use. If your usage is for a short interval, you can go for Airtel prepaid connection/ Vodafone Prepaid connection or Idea prepaid connection. For long term usages, you can opt for Vodafone/ Airtel/ Idea postpaid new connection.

Step 2: Choose if you wish to buy a new SIM connection or want to port an existing number.

Step 3: Fill in your details like the address where you wish to deliver your SIM, date and time of delivery etc.

Step 4: Confirm your order and relax. You SIM will be delivered to you on your chosen date and time.

Wondering what documents you may need for a new SIM connection in Delhi. Here is the answer:

If you are buying your SIM from 10digi, all you need is your Aadhar card to get the local network connection. The representative will do all the paperwork required for SIM connection.

Indian tourist SIM card

If you are an International user, you may need to provide details of your passport, VISA and a local reference.

Shop for your local SIM connection right away and enjoy your trip to India in full swing.

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