3 Indoor Fountains to Consider for Your Home

Indoor Fountains

One of the most effective ways to dramatically change and improve the look of your home is to install a beautiful indoor fountain. Many homeowners would instinctively associate fountains with an outdoor setting, but an electric-powered water feature inside your living space is not only unique and a potentially great conversation starter during parties and gatherings, but also something that adds value to your property.

Moreover, an indoor fountain serves more than just an aesthetic purpose. In many Eastern cultures, flowing water inside a home is usually considered lucky and a sign of prosperity. The principle behind this is that energy is kept active and circulated inside the home, ensuring that the environment is not blocked or stuffy.

Quite literally, an indoor fountain does achieve this by making sure that the atmosphere is humidified while also mimicking the feel-good benefits of natural bodies of water. Some people also enjoy the benefits of better sleep and better overall sense of well-being because they find the sound of fountains very calming indeed.

If you think it is difficult or costly to have an indoor fountain in your home, think again. There are a lot of types and designs to choose from that you can just bring in and install in any suitable space of your house. Online shopping has also made it so much easier to select an indoor fountain to your liking, and then have it delivered and installed in your home. Just make sure to go with the right supplier who has extensive experience in dealing with indoor fountains and who provides only the highest quality products and installation services.

Choosing the right type of indoor fountain

Depending on the available space in your home, your lifestyle needs, and your preferences in look and design, there are different types of indoor fountains that would suit you best.

  • Indoor wall fountains are the best choice if you have a large blank wall in your home that you wish to fill. Among the most popular wall fountains these days are those designed to hang and rest flat against a surface, allowing water to trickle down on a sheet of natural stone or modern materials such as glass or steel. There are also traditional types of designs with a spout that lets water flow out, which is then gathered in a semi-circular basin or type of container. These wall fountains are similar in look and feel to wall sconces.
  • Indoor floor fountains cover an even larger living space, particularly in terms of height and floor area. Instead of being just hung on a wall, a floor fountain is usually a freestanding contraption. Typical floor fountains are similarly designed with a flat sheet of material where water flows down. These types of floor fountain can mimic an entire wall in the home or a panel of glass sliding doors. There are also traditional types of freestanding floor fountains that are more ornate in design and utilize catch basins for the trickling water. Added layers or tiers are used to achieve more height.
  • Indoor tabletop fountains are compact and ideal for smaller living spaces such as condominium and apartment units. As the name implies, such fountains are placed on top of tables or any flat surface such as a specially designed stand. Tabletop fountains are more innovative, versatile, and varied in design, because they can feature a lot of three-dimensional details that allow more fanciful and playful flow of water. They are also made of a wider choice of materials, from natural stones, glass, and steel to ceramic, porcelain, and even lightweight plastic. There are those that feature human figures such as the Buddha, for instance, or a simple but elegant stack of flat river stones. There are also those that have mirror backing for added effect.

Whatever type of indoor fountain you end up with, it is a great investment piece in sprucing up your surroundings and creating a distinctive mood inside your home.


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