The Most Notable Krishna Paintings by Raja Ravi Varma

Raja Ravi Varma is one of the very few artists whose name is known even to the ones who have no connection with the world of art. He has been titled as ‘The Father of Indian Art’. Known for his artistic endowments and an inimitable way of using European techniques in Indian paintings, this artist stands amongst the first few artists who made art affordable for all.

A major share of his paintings depicts mythological scenes and Hindu deities. In fact, his religious paintings gradually became so much so popular that every Hindu started buying not just paintings but calendars as well of the kind which used to have Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings printed on them. Nonetheless, out of all the paintings of religious significance, the Krishna paintings were most sought after.

Hence, here in this blog post, we will reminisce the best paintings of Krishna made by him. Take a look.

  • The first meeting of Radha and Krishna-

The love story of Radha and Krishna is without any doubt the best love saga which portrayed love in its purest form. Raja Ravi Varma made this painting in an attempt of demonstrating the scene when Radha was first introduced to Krishna. A gopi is shown as a common link between Radha and Krishna. Kalindi River is shown in the background with some greenery. However, it is shown that Radha is too shy to even look at him and hence she is not facing him. Krishna is shown making efforts to get Radha’s attention by playing the flute.

  • The brotherly love and bravery-

There are many divine Krishna paintings made by various artists but this one is exceptionally unique. In this painting, the artist has embraced the brotherly bond which Krishna and Balarama used to share. The painting is depicting the scene after Krishna and Balarama with their unity, fearlessness and bravery managed to escape Krishna’s real parents from his uncle Kansa. During that time, Kansa was the king of Mathura. He had imprisoned both of them because he wanted to find Krishna and kill him as some saint has predicted him the first child of Vasudeva and Devaki will be the reason for his death.

Nonetheless, this painting has very beautifully put the emotions of his parents. The parents are shown embracing and kissing Krishna very dearly.

  • The eternal love of Yashoda-

This painting of Krishna depicts the love of Yashoda for his son Krishna. Though he is not the real son of her, still she takes care of her like her own. The painting shows Krishna studded with jewels and a crown.

All the artists mostly focused on making Radha Krishna paintings for showing the love of Radha and Krishna. However, the most distinct and appreciable trait of Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings has been that he never stuck to depicting just the bond of Radha and Krishna, he had always focused on all the roles that Lords Krishna had played in his life.

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