3 Art Selling Myths, Busted

Art Selling Myths
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There is no denial to the fact that selling art is an art in itself. However easy this might seem, but it needs some level of expertise and surely isn’t a child’s play. Irrespective of the fact that whether it’s an artist or a gallery owner, people are always thriving to step up their art selling game. Individuals and businesses who belong to this industry are always hustling in order to develop new ways and techniques of improving their sales skills. Nonetheless, way more qualities are required to sell paintings than a pleasing personality and good communication skills. Sales is a mindset which requires the right kind of approach to close the deal.

However, by no means is it being conveyed that sales is a tricky job which is restricted for the selected few. Artists can also sell paintings without any help from an external source. Nonetheless, there are certain misconceptions that are crippling the minds of art enthusiasts whenever they put up a painting for sale. Today we are going to shatter three of these myths that have been going around in the world of art.

  • Creative people are good at art, not at selling it:
    Could anyone be more wrong than this? Surely, selling artworks isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but this in no way means that the artist can’t sell paintings. It’s an artist’s choice to embrace his creative abilities but that under no circumstance means that he can’t run a successful business. Even the most accomplished artist was a beginner at some point of time and by continuous efforts he must have gained expertise in it. Same logic is applicable to sales as well. An artist needs to put in the required efforts to understand how the structure of sales works and then decide for himself. This understanding will help a lot of artists become independent rather than relying on galleries to sell their artworks.
  • The only artists who are rich are dead:
    There are so many living legends in the art world who are going to strongly disagree with this one. Talent gets paid and one can surely earn millions in this industry while being alive. Of course, it needs tremendous effort, dedication and sincerity but it surely isn’t impossible. In today’s digital world, making a presence and putting up fabulous paintings for sale online has become a cakewalk, courtesy the internet. There are so many ways by which an artist can shoot up to fame. Right from social media to PR agencies, making money isn’t that big a task for talented artists who are passionate about their work. Artists like Damien Hirst are very much alive and are minting money due to their artistic abilities.
  • Art isn’t a hot cake and people aren’t spending a lot of money on it:
    If you find anyone saying this, then please give them a reality check by stating that the total sales in the art industry were approximately 14.5 billion US dollars in the year 2016. After listening to this fact am pretty sure that the myth has already been busted. Competition exists everywhere and the art world is no different. There are numerous talented artists who are working to create some of the finest paintings in the history of mankind. Art collectors are increasing in number by each passing day and roughly 72 percent of them buy artworks only for passion. That’s right. There are innumerable art enthusiasts out there. Each art enthusiast is an opportunity for you. People have started considering art as an investment and as a result, they are ready to pay any amount to purchase a painting which catches their fancy. Money isn’t that important as the only thing which matters is to find the right buyer. A right buyer would be willing to skip oceans and pay you heavily for the painting for sale.

So if you want to sell paintings, then it’s high time to set yourself free from these myths and open your eyes to see the reality. Believing these myths will only cripple your thoughts and limit your ability to work better. Having faith in any of these misconceptions will stop you from selling artworks effectively. If you want to succeed in the business of putting up paintings for sale, then you must break these shackles of doubt.

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