Reasons Your Business Needs A Virtual Phone Number

Business Needs A Virtual Phone Number

A virtual number is a telephone number without a direct line or a phone set. It is a programmed online portal that call forwards the incoming calls to a pre-determined set of numbers that are chosen by the developer. It consists of automated messages that provide answering services through those options a customer can enquire about products and services or even speak to a customer care executive. The portal is linked with several other phone numbers, mobile numbers. Like in weekdays the calls are forwarded to the office numbers but weekends the calls are forwarded to one’s mobile number so that no call is missed.

Benefits To The Business 

  • Memorable number always wins– an easy toll-free number is always remembered by the customers like of taxi services that have great choice of choosing business numbers. The customers remember the numbers which plays as a huge advantage for businesses. People save numbers on their contact list in phones but they can do that only when they remember that number from the ad or hoarding displayed.
  • Convenient to promote– one number that can be advertised at all platforms like ads on TV, hoardings, print media, social media, local events, company business cards, company vehicles etc. is so much better than keeping track of several numbers. It brings uniformity in the business and recognition among the people.
  • Human touch is there– the voice over responses ultimately lead to customer support of a particular department. There the customers can share their grievances and ask for a solution on the go. The virtual phone number starts with an automated voice over but ends in human speaking, which is a very important part of problem solving.
  • Phone contact is still relevant– in this age of internet and smartphones, people still prefer talking on the phone rather than messages and emails. And for something like problem solving or issues related to a product, customer still wants to speak to someone where they can tell their issues in detail so that they can give a quick solution for it and the problem is solved there and then.
  • Marketing strategy– there are companies who still believe in tele marketing and call new and old customers on regular basis to inform about their new product or take feedback of the products purchased in the past. This brings a personal touch in the business and customer relationship.
  • Best for urgent queries- if a phone number is available then the customers will not send mails to the support team and wait for hours for their replies. They would like to make a call, speak to someone about the issue and get the solution right away. The queries can be about the products or services or billing problems. The company phone number is like an outlet for immediate contact and solutions.
  • Complicated queries- sometimes the customers are not able to express their grievances on a sheet of paper or mail. They don’t know how to tell the help team what their problem is. This is where the telephonic conversation plays its role. The customers are able to explain their issue better on phone speaking to someone and the other person is able to understand the issue well and take suitable actions right away.

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