How to push your Employees to Achieve their full potential

Employees to Achieve their full potential

If you have ever been a leader, no matter how big a company or small a group you had; you know its no easy task. It takes a lot of time to get to understand the nature of your employees. By the time you get to know your employees, a number of years have passed. You need to know your employees if you want to push them to achieve their full potential. But how do you get to know each one of your employees in a short period of time without wasting any resources?

The answer to all these problems is everything disc workplace. This tool provides you with a detailed report about the personalities of your employees. This report will help you understand the type of personality that is dominant in the case of every single employee. Along with that, it will also help you to understand their behavioral tendencies which will help you get your answer to the question “Why do certain employees behave the way they do?”. These insights into their personality will also help you identify their strengths and weaknesses. Once you are aware of their strengths and weaknesses you can work on both of them. Those strengths can become the USP of that particular employee. This will also help you determine and differentiate between the kind of situations certain employees are perfect for and the kind of situations they are disastrous for. It will also help you determine factors that will motivate your employees. Every employee is motivated by different factors and this tool helps you figure out and identify every single one of them.

It is important to motivate your employees, but you should keep in mind that you mustn’t go too far. To begin with, tap into their source of motivation. You need to inspire them to do more. Just merely telling them to work more isn’t going to get them to do it. They need to have a good reason so as to be willing to put in more hours for work. If you want to inspire them to achieve more, you need to tell them why they should do it, why it would be beneficial to them, etc.

Do not underestimate the importance of communication. Communication must be effective and crystal clear so that your employees are able to absorb the intended meaning clearly. It is important to give deadlines to your employees so that they are not only able to work efficiently but effectively as well. Don’t push your employees daily and be behind them to get the work done. Rather, give them a particular time frame within which you want the work to be submitted and then let them be. They are most likely to get you the work by the deadline, step in only when you observe zero productivity. Also, once they have provided you with the work make sure to ask them to reflect on what they did and what they learned in the process of doing it. Provide them with feedback that is of a constructive manner and will help them improve. Ask them for feedback as well as all of us are humans and to human is to err. All of us are bound to make mistakes. Their insights into your work might be valuable and might help you to improve as a leader as well.

All you can do is try to help them step out of their comfort zone so as to achieve more than they ever have. But you must remember that everything can be pushed till a limit and if someone is pushed beyond that they might break. You don’t have to be constantly pestering your employees to do more. Rather, simply show them that you have faith in their ability to do more and you will observe that they will prove your statement and faith true.

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