Physiotherapy: A Beautiful Option for Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration

Sensory integration is considered as one of the most important functions of the body. The sensory integration includes the process of receiving the information through various senses of our body. It organizes the information and helps in participating in routine activities. There are various techniques with the help of which the senses are stimulated to work properly in some cases where their performance is affected badly. At such stage, this therapy can be of immense help to the patient and make him live the life as before.

Disorder in sensory processing function

Sensory integration of our body is known as a very common function which each body performs. However, there are some people who find it very difficult to process the information because of any underlying health issue. This condition is defined as sensory processing disorder. The disorder makes it difficult for the brain to process any information which comes from any senses. If an individual suffers from sensory integration disorder, it is recognized in quite early phase of life. The children who suffer from the sensory issue are mostly oversensitive to smells, flavors, sounds, sights and any other type of input. In such situation, the patient is recommended with specific treatment that can be provided with the help of different devices.

About Sensory Integration Therapy

The therapy is designed for children who find it difficult to process basic information coming from their senses. The therapy gives children exposure to sensory stimulation. The stimulation is given repeatedly that too in a structured manner. The logic behind the therapy is that the repeated exposure helps the brain in adopting the different senses thereby helping the children to react to various sensations in an efficient manner. It is to be noted that the sensory touch differs with each child. One can buy sensory therapy equipment from online portals which deal with physiotherapy products.

Types of Sensory Therapy

Generally, the occupational therapist is the one to offer sensory therapy. The sensory therapy usually requires certain equipments that help in enhancing various sensations of kids.

Various therapies are given to the kids as follows:

  • Children who love sticky texture are offered material like glue, dough, stickers, rubber toys and the likes by therapists. The molding can help them to overcome the slow thought process.
  • The therapist uses beans, water, rice and sand for tactile sensation.
  • For kids with oversensitivity to touch, the program which aims at desensitizing kids to touch. The therapy also includes brushing of the body at frequent intervals. This can help them to overcome the oversensitivity issue.
  • The children who are suffering from autism are given firm pressure on the overall body using weighted belts and blankets. The procedure can also be done with the help of squashing pillows or giving firm hugs.
  • The therapist will also experiment with kids by putting different fragrances in the rice and dough.

The sensory therapy equipment can be bought from suppliers of physiotherapy equipments at affordable prices.

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