PET CT scan facilities in Hyderabad

PET CT scan facilities in Hyderabad

Diagnosis and Diagnostic test

Doctors before jumping into any of such conclusion for a treatment of a particular disease always wants to test to reassure their diagnosis. Reassurance is very much necessary as it will lead to a proper treatment and thus proper treatment will cure the disease faster. Every city has got a lot of good diagnostic center giving the facility of wide range of tests that helps in the patients as well as the doctors too. These centers contain many biochemical test and also some of the instrument that helps in the scanning as well of imaging of different organs of the body and also the full body. These tests reveals many minute details whether required or not required they are put into consideration by the doctors during their treatment and prescribing medications to the patients. Diseases like dengue, malaria, HIV, hepatitis and other different problem regarding tumors in different organs of the body especially in brain, these diagnostic have been very much useful as they produced very good results and helped the doctors in that method.

Positron in scanning system

Scanning is a very good method used for detection. It is primarily an image related detection system that gives us good images with better resolution for the doctors. There are many such imaging system present. Every imaging system has got its own set of properties as well as importance too. Their properties are used for the detection in different set of segments in a particular disease. One such system is the PET scanning technique. PET goes by the full form of positron emission tomographic scanning system. Positron is simply known as the sub-atomic particle, those particles that reside in the atom and helps in constituting the atom as well as maintaining it. This particle carries specific charge and energy too. It is also called as anti-electron, as it contains exactly opposite amount of charge in respect to the electron. They are also called as the anti-particle or anti-matter because of the state in which they are present in the atomic constitution. Together all the particles present in the atom makes a solid constitution that is full of energy which almost impregnable is most of the situations. PET scanning system uses this kind of particle for the detection of different medical problems. It is an upgrade to another method called as the CT scanning technique also known as computed tomographic scanning. The difference is in the resolution as well as in the better penetration than CT scanning technique.

Cities in India

Many cities in India have an upgrading system in the PET as well as CT scanning. Like that PET CT scanning centers in Hyderabad are very much flourished with good peoples for the operation as well as good and updated machines.


They use very minute radioactive particles in their detection method called as the radiotracers that gives us a good resolution of the region where it is applied. It also carries the energy of the positron that drives the whole system. The result comes on the camera which is attached to the system.

In Hyderabad

Peoples opting for PET CT scan, in Hyderabad are getting good facility and hence the treatment is also done in a very smooth way by the doctors.


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