New-gens investment plan: Pre-leased office space

Pre-leased office space

The commercial and co-working services in Ghaziabad, India, offers in-depth advisory and tailor-made office space solution especially for India’s corporate, institution and MNC clientele. These companies serves a long list of clients from different sectors to attain their space solution. They help in structuring and delivering customized office space solutions. Along with market research, managing negotiations and so on.

What is Pre-leased property?

Before commenting further at first let’s know what is pre-leased or pre-rented space. A residential, commercial or industrial property that is leased out to a tenant for a mutually agreed term for fixed tenure and fetching regular rentals for the owner of the property, is known as pre-leased or pre-rented property. In recent time, this kind of property has attracted the attention of people and the business of pre-leased office space in Ghaziabad has grown tremendously.

Why to invest in pre-leased property?

Actually, it is a general tendency of people, especially in India, to invest in retail mostly. They consider as the most appreciable one where as the investing in office spaces was ignored, but for last few years, scenario’s got changed, now occupancy of office spaces has increased dramatically and it has given the owner the unexpected return. We can say, for the globalization, and governments’ positive sentiment towards business class has shifted the trends of investment towards office spaces than retails spaces.  In modern days, online retail business has grown tremendously and people has started to buy most of the things through internet to save their time. And moreover, it is also cost-effective for them, or simply can say, those online products are cheaper than market. This has resulted in downfall of retail spaces to be rented, whereas office space demand is rising higher.

Things to know before leasing space

  • Building – Age and type of the building is main concern for the investor while investing in pre-leased office Ghaziabad. Newer the building will fetch more profit. One should also check the load bearing capacity of the floors, column to column distance, and floor to ceiling height. The building should have adequate power back up, and good quality lifts.
  • Tenant profile – Tenant profile is one of the most important thing to be checked while taking any space for leased. Tenant should sustainable future growth, or income source.
  • Lease term – Usually a long lease term is better depending on the market situation. But if in the market a drastic upward revival in rentals is seen in near future then short time leases are also preferable.
  • Lock-in period – Lock-in period is the minimum policy that a tenant should serve or pay for. Higher lock-in gives better security to the investor.


Ghaziabad is now become a favorite destination for investors for the property investment not only in pre-leased property but in assured return and residential projects as well. Office spaces in Ghaziabad are in great demand and lots of fortune companies having their set up in Ghaziabad. Which has resulted in the rise of residential demand and pre-leased properties.

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