Make 9 to 5 the “Happy Hour” with these simple tips

Happy Hour

They say happy employees are the most productive and bring the best talent forward. Yes, they are. However, it’s been years of contemplation and research, no one has got the secret recipe for employee happiness. Some define it is the additional perks like flexibility, understanding managers, monetary benefits, medical benefits, and some opine that happiness is related to work life balance or free food, drinks, gifts, parties etc.

Well, I would say it is a mix of all along with the few pointers that is being emphasized below. To attain a perfect work life balance, you need to have to invest in free lunch, drinks or pop a champagne bottle at work. Happy hours would mean staying at the workplace and enjoying there to be. Happy workplaces would also mean no moron Mondays where you would be willing to come forward on every single day and enjoy working to the best of your talent and loving your professional life and so the company.

Let us evaluate what all pointers contribute to healthier workplaces. So, let us begin.

A little praise can go a long way-

Agreed that monetary benefits matters. As an employee, you have great expectations from an appraisal , but recognition matters too. Recognizing the talents and efforts of your teammate is equally important if they are doing the best job with full dedication. This doesn’t always have to be associated with money. You may be admiring the work of your new hire, but how will they be able to judge? Communication is the key. Let him know that you value them and appreciate the efforts of your employees they are doing for the success of your project of the company.  Recognition can do wonders, practice it often.

Set realistic timelines

In today’s hyper-flexible work environment, attaining work-life balance is extremely important. You should set realistic timelines and deliverables so that your employees can focus on a quality aspect more. To achieve this, you can set a plan and monitor how and what work have you assigned to each employee. Have you overburdened a single employee while the other one is just enjoying and sipping a cup of coffee all day? As a manager, keep a check as allocating the right amount of work to make a balance.

Don’t act as a school teacher 

 You may be a senior of design development, content or marketing communication and may be  experienced in

Your domain. But, sometimes we tend to treat other employees like kids. Give them some freedom to work. Let them learn from the mistakes. However, keep a tab alongside. Let them learn things themselves and guide whenever needed.

Mutual respect is all we seek

Harmony, mutual respect, and a positive work environment is all that employees seek. Speak politely with your colleagues and make employee relations even more cordial. Make sure that all your team members are polite and  generous to one another.

Invest in an ERP software

Employee happiness matters and we know for all good reasons. So, it makes sense to invest in the  best erp software for small business for managing the entire lifecycle of an employee. Alongside, your team members can use this software to process payroll and manage everything seamlessly.

Keep these tips handy and you will see all happy faces around sending positive vibes across your work environment.

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