How to use your Car Dashboard to your convenience: Few Nittigritties

Car Dashboard camera

Car dashboard: An introduction

A car dashboard is the free space in front of the driver’s seat.  It is basically a control panel which separates the driver from the windscreen. Instrumentation and controls within the car are usually installed within the dashboards.

What are the instruments that can be commonly installed within the car dashboard?

If you have just purchased your own vehicle, you should be aware about how a car dashboard is ornamented. Very often if you observe, you can see the following instruments installed within the car dashboard.

  1. This is one of the major instruments which helps in monitoring the vehicle’s speed
  2. Fuel Gauge: Such an instrument helps in understanding the level of fuel within the tank of the car.

Besides, the car dashboard can contain the following instruments

Tachometer. This can take care of the rpm of your car engine

Odometer: This instrument allows you to have an idea about the kilometres that you had travelled

Warning and Information Lights: Warning and information lights can help you to have additional information while driving your car.

Temperature Gauge and Voltmeter. An important instrument loaded within the dashboard a temperature gauge can help you to understand the issues of engine overheating.

Experts from the automobile industry have continuously opined about the usage of advanced features within the car dashboard. With the advent of new technology in the recent past, modern car dashboards have been well equipped. Thus, modern cars are well equipped with advanced features. This can also include cameras as well. As a matter of fact, installation of sophisticated cameras on the car dashboard had become very common. But, few car owners as well as the drivers know about the usage.

Cameras installed on the car dashboard: What you need to know?

A car dashboard camera can be available in many forms. This can include:

  • A dash cam
  • dashboard camera,
  • car DVR,
  • driving recorder, or
  • event data recorder (EDR)

A car dashboard camera can be a reliable source which can allow you to continuously record the happenings while you safely drive your car. Views are very often captured through the front windscreen of the vehicle. Even rear views can be captured depending on the position of the camera.

Therefore, experts suggest that a car dashboard camera is a utility application which can allow you to record your movements while you are driving the car.


Car dashboard camera remains to be a utility item, and can be installed within your car dashboard. Such modern amenities can help you to record certain movements on the road, which can be useful in terms of controlling the moves of the driver. Due to an increased number of road accidents in India, cameras have become a necessary utility in the modern vehicles. Available in digital forms, such cameras can be installed under professional guidance whatsoever. For knowing the details on camera installation, one can surf internet to find more adequate and required information.

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