How Can You Know Whether One Is Suffering From Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia, also known as Man Boobs which affects the man of all ages. Gynecomastia affects a lot of men during teenage as during their puberty it may be a maximum possibility of hormonal imbalances. Everyone wants to cure it naturally but it should be noted that Gynecomastia is only treated with surgery. But, the most important thing is to identify Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is not harmful at all but sometimes it is difficult to deal with Gynecomastia in front of other people as it creates a lot of chaos among people. 

Each of us should be aware of all the symptoms and problems that happen with Gynecomastia. Generally, Gynecomastia is a hormonal imbalance in which the female hormone is secreted more over male hormones among males. 

The most important thing you should be aware of various symptoms which helps you to know that you are a Gynecomastia patient. Various symptoms which subsides your self-confidence, emotional health state, and social life destroyed thoroughly. This is due to the embarrassing symptoms of Gynecomastia. 

  1. The initial change is unattractive breast growth: The collection of excessive fat tissue and gland under the chest due to the secretion of more female hormones may cause unattractive breasts. 
  2. Development of puffy nipples: The collection of excess fat under the nipple makes it puffy and painful. Excessive chest fat may produce a lump like a gland which is extremely embarrassing.
  3. Pain and tenderness in the chest or nipples: Swelling because of Gynecomastia can cause pain. 
  4. Sometimes, it is also noticeable that only single chest is affected by Gynecomastia. So, if anyone has faced the same problem only in a single nipple or chest, then, it is also Gynecomastia. 

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