Credit Card Application Status: Here’s How You Can Find Yours

Credit cards are no more luxury these days. They have emerged as a need for people with growing expenses. The needs in life are increasing, and it may not be enough for your salary to cover it.

Hence, you need to have a credit card to pay for all essential and urgent financial needs. As per your credit card eligibility, you can get a credit limit to pay for expenses and pay the dues after 40-50 days.

Have you gone for the credit card apply online mode, and awaiting the credit card application status? You can check the status online after following some steps. Would you like to know more? Continue reading this article and explore further.

Credit card application status –Steps to check it

Most of the leading banks and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) let their applicants check the credit card application status via their websites. If you are confused about checking the application status, here are some simple steps.

Details needed to credit card application status

Before you could begin checking the credit card application status, you would first need to assemble some details. Having such information will help you fill the credit card application stats form online. Such details include:

  • Your registered mobile number – the same number that you provided at the credit card apply online time

  • Reference number

  • Application number

  • PAN number

  • Date of birth

Steps to check credit card application status

You can easily know the status of your applied credit card after following the below steps such as:

Step 1 – You can go to your respective bank or lender’s website from which you had applied for the credit card online

Step 2 – Look out for the track application or check application status on the website. You can find it without hassles under the credit card tab of such websites.

Step 3 – You can share the details as asked on the credit card application status page of the lender’s website and click on the ‘submit’ button. The details that you be asked to enter on this page may include a mix of details. It could be your registered mobile number, PAN number, date of birth, reference and application number.

Step 4 – The website will now show your credit card application status. You may see the credit card status as ‘in process,’ ‘dispatched,’ ‘on-hold,’ ‘rejected/disapproved,’ or ‘no records found.’

What does your credit card application status mean?

You may see the credit card status as ‘in process,’ ‘dispatched,’ ‘on-hold,’ ‘rejected/disapproved,’ or ‘no records found’ as the status of your request. Let’s see what do each of them mean:

  1. In process – It means that the credit card company is still processing your application. The bank is doing a proper checking of your submitted documents. Once they have approved all, then they may decide whether to approve or reject it.

  2. Dispatched – Congratulations! It means that your application is approved and your credit card is on the way to your address. Generally, you may get the card in 3-7 days.

  3. On-hold – The bank has kept your application on hold, which means some documents to go ahead are missing. They may also not have received your Credit Score. In this case, you can call them to know what’s missing.

  4. Rejected/disapproved – As the name suggests, your credit card application has been denied. There could be many reasons for it – documents not legal, lower CIBIL Score, poor repayment, inconsistent income history and more.

  5. No records found – It happened when you entered some wrong details such as not entering correct mobile number or reference number. In such a case, you should recheck your details and try again to get the proper status.

You are now aware of steps that can help you track the credit card application status. Try the discussed steps and know the status right away.

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