How to cope up with cancer during the course of pregnancy

cope up with cancer during the course of pregnancy

The mere fact when you are told that you are suffering from cancer is bound to send shivers down your spine. The moment you do become pregnant it does become frightening and a cause of concern. Pregnancy and cancer are life time events, though pregnancy works out to be a positive one, whereas cancer works out to be a distressing one. One thing is for sure it does point to the fact that dealing with such situations is a different challenge altogether. You might have to deal with a lot of emotions and no one in this world will understand on what is the state of your mind. Oncology pregnancy medicine would provide you with a degree of care, but it is all about emotional and mental support at this juncture.

It is quiet natural that you might have a lot of worries at this point of time. When you are able to understand the situation it does help to assure you.


To start off you might be a bit worried that when you are pregnant the cancer tends to spread much faster. Doctors have gone on to conduct a research in this regard and nothing has emerged out to be concrete in this regard. Research is also a testimony to the fact that pregnant women who are prone to cancer could be treated in an effective manner as non-pregnant women. Doctors are of the opinion that your treatment is going to be at par. Cancer in pregnancy tends to be rarer; less evidence is bound to occur in large trials to proper treatment options.

With regards to the treatment option it boils down to the type of cancer that you are prone to, the stage and what is the week of pregnancy that you find yourself at. In certain cases you would have to delay the treatment or wait till the baby is born.

Coping up with cancer during pregnancy

When an accurate diagnosis is made with regard to cancer it does make people sad and an anxious lot. If you are pregnant for the first time the feelings tend to be all the more complicated as well. To start off you would feel shocked and numb. It is pretty hard to digest the feeling that pregnancy along with cancer can appear together.

It is quiet natural that you are bound to be angry. The general feeling is that the sheen of pregnancy is taken from you. You might be at a loss of words as this might not be the pregnancy you would have imagined in your life. At this juncture you might be anxious about your own health along with that of the baby. When you are able to understand on how cancer is treated during pregnancy you might be a better in control. It is suggested that you take care of yourself in a better way during pregnancy. The feeling among some women is that they are to be blamed for such a situation occurring. It is pretty much like medications for infections in pregnancy that needs to stop spreading.

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