Why does a Ceiling Fan Function in Two Directions?

Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan can make you feel at a temperature that is 4-5 Fahrenheit lower than the actual room temperature. If you think that a ceiling fan cools your home then you are wrong. A ceiling fan provides its cooling effect to the people and doesn’t cause any change in the temperature of the room as such. You must be wondering how it happens that you feel cooler but there is no effect on the temperature around you. There is a simple logic behind this. The air around you moves due to the action of the fan. This circulating air touches the surface of your body and removes the heat from the region of the body known as the boundary layer. This stripping of the warm air from around the body makes us feel cooler to the extent of almost a temperature 4 degree Fahrenheit lower.

You all feel the necessity of a ceiling fan in the summers. But did you ever think that the ceiling fans could be used in winters too? You just need to change the direction of your ceiling fan in the summers and in the winters. This will help you save on the costs of running an air conditioner in the summers and improve the performance, of the heaters in the winters.

This post will tell you everything that you need to know about changing the direction of the ceiling fans. Let’s get started.

In the summer

During the summer season, your ceiling fan should be set such that its blades rotate in the counter clockwise direction.

Why do you need a ceiling fan in summer?

  • The cooling effects produced by the ceiling fans make you feel at a temperature which is at least 7-8 degree lower than the normal room temperature.
  • A ceiling fan helps you save around 40% on the costs of air conditioning.
  • Using the ceiling fan will reduce the cost of using centralized air conditioning systems.
  • You can spend more of your time outdoors without compromising your comfort.

When the direction of the rotation of the blades of a ceiling fan is set to counter clockwise, it pushes the air down towards the floor. This cool air blows away the envelope of warm air surrounding your body and you can feel the chill effect. There is a simple way to know that the ceiling fan is set in the counter clockwise direction or not. Just stand below the fan. If you can feel the flow of air then it is correct. If you cannot feel the air coming down on you, it means that your fan is rotating in the clockwise direction.

In the winter

During the winter season, your ceiling fan should be set such that its blades rotate in the clockwise direction.

Why do you need to use the fan in winters?

  • It redistributes the warm air in the room making you feel much warm and cozy.
  • Because of this redistribution, you can save up to 20% on your heating costs.
  • The cost of the heating fuel is reduced.
  • You will no longer be required to use heating blankets and will be saved from the unnecessary electrical hazards.

When the ceiling fans rotate clockwise in the winters they pull the cool air up. The warm air is then pushed down along the edges of the fan making you feel warmer.

It is suggested to set the fan at the onset of every season so that you can make the best of your ceiling fan and reduce the electricity costs too. Buy cheap ceiling fans on Croma, Atomberg, etc.

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