Ushering In The Next Phase Of Software Development With Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is taking the world by storm. No, it’s not disrupting just the financial industry (as we have heard several times) it is doing so in software development too. The decentralization of databases is breaking traditional software development models and taking them to a whole new level. Blockchain applications built on a P2P network are creating new frontiers for technological innovation. In the past decade, cloud-based technologies AWS, Azure, VMWare, etc. took the spotlight and pushed software development in a completely new direction, building a new category blockchain-as-a-service. Blockchain technology improves cloud technology…

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Role of Investment Banking Professionals in an M&A Deal

Investment Banking

Companies seeking to broaden their horizons, or streamline their business, take advice on prospective targets and/or buyers from investment banks. The role of investment bankers in M&A can be seen in two different lights, I.e. buyer representation or seller representation. Or, in other terms, acquirer representation and target representation. Investment banks do offer advice on the business’s valuation to both the parties, i.e. seller and buyer, during an M&A affair. Besides the crucial role, investment bankers play in the whole act of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), their extended utility comprises:…

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Connecting the Business Organizations using Web Methods


The business environment nowadays is very much complex and dynamic which means that it is ever-changing. The business must be able to provide some value to the customers so that they are retained well and are not lost. There must be a proper balance between the products provided by the business and the processes adopted by that particular business. Otherwise, due to cutthroat competition, survival will be very much difficult. Business must ensure that its process, data, network and applications are connected to the overall goal of the business and…

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