Are you into any business? The chances are you have already a long list of positive and negative reviews. With the access to the internet and a website for literally everything, customers review every business (both product and service) intensively. It is not just for business with an online ground. Even completely, brick and mortar businesses like local grocery stores, gyms and others are reviewed in many sites. It is said that 93% of the new customers read all the reviews before making a buying decision. In simple words, it is the consumer-driven market.

Avoiding and accepting business

According to a recent survey on online reviews, about 93% of the consumers accepted to avoid a business if there are numerous negative reviews. About 73% of the customers have accepted that they trust the positive reviews more. Thus, a customer continuing with you or moving on with your competitor lies in the customer review pages. As mentioned before, one or two negative review will not make a greater impact on your business but frequent bad reviews can spread a bad vibe about your service and quality.

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Word-of-mouth and review

According to Bright Local survey, around 85% of the customers believe customer reviews found in online sites as reliable as word-of-mouth recommendation from social circle. It shows the personal effect that the reviews can give on your business. In precise terms, it is the best marketing strategy to give a social feel to your business.

Niche business gets more affected

If you have a very wide range of customers, the chances of a few tens of customer reviews affecting your business is quite low. However, if your business is for a niche audience, it is very important to avoid every single bad customer review. 

Turned reviews worth more than just good reviews

Every business will have a rainy day and things might get out of hand. At the end, it would reflect as a bad review. When a bad review sprouts out, do not lash out at the customer. Deal with the review in a transparent manner and find a solution for it, may be in the same site so that the potential customer who reads the review will know that if something unfavorable happens, the company will step forward to make it right. Once you have pleased the customer with the bad review, you would have something that is quite monumental than a normal good review. You have a turned review, which shows your loyalty and after-sales service in a real-time manner. 45% of the customers mentioned in a survey that they return to a business in the future, if they respond productively to their negative reviews.

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Be persistent in getting good reviews but do not bias your customers into giving you one. It might lead to serious trust problems in your current and future customers. The customers will not bother to visit your official site to complaint. They will find any social media or review site to pour out their hearts. So, keep in track with all social media, platforms where you sell your product and top review sites and in general, Google search pages.

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