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Finding of a stock broker that aligns with your preferences is a difficult task. It could lead to a volcano of frustration. If you end up choosing a wrong stock broker you are going to end up paying more. It does make sense to opt for the top 10 stock brokers in India. Be aware that they are individuals who merely follow your instructions in terms of buying or selling of securities.  They make their living out of the commissions on behalf of the transactions they execute. You can classify brokers into two types which are the discount brokers and the full type service brokers. If you need advice on where to make an investment in terms of stocks then a full service broker would suit you. If you have decent knowledge about the stock market then a discount broker would suffice. Let us now observe some tips on how to locate the best stock broker.

If you consider yourself to be a casual investor whose capital has been set at less than two thousand dollars, then you are an investor who rarely trades. Then it means you are more of a cautious investor who makes their way in mutual funds. As you are not actively involved in the buying or selling of shares you can avail the services of a discount broker. On the other hand if you are an investor who keeps their eye on the regular market fluctuations, and is more into active trading then you need to choose a broker who charges fewer fees. Else you face the risk of losing a major sum of profit money in the form of commission to the broker. Try to locate brokers who offer good discounts for their regular clients. Many of them have tailor made packages in terms of low commission for clients who are into regular investment.

If you are an investor with more than a million dollars of investment in stock market you will come across brokers who will provide you hefty discounts. You can obtain discount on each and every trade you go on to perform. In order to locate such stock brokers speak to various firms. The reason  being that established firms have attractive discount rates for high end customers. Some firms are there who go on to charge 8 dollars per transaction. Hence the onus is on you to locate such type of brokers.

As an investor if you are into selling short stocks, you might need to avail the services of a stock broker who has access to such type of shares. All the brokers are not going to have access to such share types. Just you need to spend some time on locating a broker that aligns with your needs or preferences.

Just as tricky as the stock market is so is the process of locating a broker. They should understand your needs and not charge you a lot. By following the above mentioned tips you can locate one.

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