Tips to make the exterior of your house appealing

exterior of your house appealing
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First impression always matter, and the first thing that anyone will ever notice about your house is the exterior. If you ever want to increase the appeal and attractiveness of your house, consider pepping up your windows. There are a multiple ways to have the same done and that too in a pocket friendly budget. Listed below are some of the very exciting tips to increase the appeal of your house through the windows:

  1. Use decorative shutters – The window shutters are available in a number of forms and materials such as wood shutters, vinyl shutters, aluminium shutters and composite shutters. If you are not sure which shutter you must purchase, seek help from the experts. There are a number of window hardware companies in India and they will surely make your search easier.
  2. Play with wrought iron grills – These wrought iron window grills make the windows look exotic and give a totally ornamental look. These are available in innumerable designs such as Antique, Victorian, and European Style and so on.
  3. Flower baskets – If you hang some flower baskets or flower pots near the windows, they also give a pretty look. Simple and very elegant and surely the advantage of healthy living is there. If not baskets, you can create simple bunches of pots near the window, place them in the similar sized tubs and hold them with grills.
  4. Use shelves – The shelves can also be created near the windows and you can place good decorative items such as Christmas decoration, antique looking earthenware, flower pots and even some DIY creature.
  5. Use windows near the entry gate – This is something that people are now investing in. Making smaller windows near or around the entry gate makes it look cool and it surely transforms your house into a modern place. These windows will be a source of light and view of the outside and let’s not forget the character of your house will also look appealing.
  6. Install Bay Windows – Have at least one room in your house which has bay windows. Commercial window hardware also suggest that these look chic and stunning and they also offer a great view along with sitting place near the bay which would create an instant connection with the natural view outside. This also helps as the room will look bigger and there will be more storage space as well as floor space.
  7. Floor to ceiling windows – From the exterior of the house, the full sized windows look exotic and very appealing. The rooms look very open, airy and of course the shine of sun here would be worth it. Installing these kinds of windows will give your room a traditional as well as a modern look.
  8. Experiment more – You can experiment more with the shape of the window so why to have a rectangular or a square shape? Use round, oval, diamond and other beautiful shapes which shall match your style. Besides these display the architectural details of your house. Add more quirky and colourful drapes to them to make them appear interesting.

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