Tips for High School Students to Study Effectively!

Tips for High School Students to Study

Preparing for your final exams of class 7 to 10 could be difficult without proper textbooks, notes, question papers, and solutions. Therefore we have come up with tips to help you utilize your study time with proper study resources. Let us begin with the different phases to excel in the exam:

Phase 1 – Before the exam:

You need to have a perfect study timetable to study along with a proper study area. All the required study materials such as a pen, pencil, rough pages, textbooks, question papers, solutions, etc. should be handy. If you do not have solutions for any subject, you can search on the internet. Example, if you are a student who is looking for NCERT solutions, you can type your query in the google search box, and online courses such as My NCERT Solutions will display the results relevant to your query. Revise all the subjects thoroughly before the exam. Practice previous year papers to understand the exam paper pattern.

Phase 2 – During the exam:

Read the question paper as soon as it is distributed by the examiner. By this, you will figure out which question to attempt first. On finishing your paper do not forget to read your answer sheet before you submit it. Check if you have answered all the questions.

Phase 3 – After the exam:

Once you step out of the exam hall, do not discuss the answers with your friends. Of course, you will be happy if your answers are right, in case if it is wrong you will keep bothering you till your results are out and will not enjoy your vacations.

Nowadays due to advancement in technology students can take up online courses and also attend online mock exams to prepare well for the exam. All the study materials such as textbooks, notes, solutions, question papers are easily reachable online.  Some benefits of online education include:

  • Saves travel time by not requiring to travel to the physical place of learning.
  • Save travel charges by not traveling to the physical place of learning
  • Saves trees by paperless way of learning
  • Saves the environment by reducing noise and sound pollution

Students of class 7, 8, 9, 10 looking for NCERT solutions can check out My NCERT Solutions which provides a complete solution to subjects like Mathematics, and Science – NCERT Solutions for class 8 science.

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