The Various Types Of Rudraksha Chain

Rudraksha Chain
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The word Rudraksha is made up of two words Rudra, which is simply another name for Lord Shiva, and Aksha, which implies tears. Subsequently, Rudraksha is the tears of Lord Shiva. It is said to have originated from the eyes of Lord Shiva as tears that arrived on earth and created the Rudraksha tree. These Rudraksha can be worn by weaving it into the Rudraksha Chain Mala or threads. The tree can be found for the most part in the Himalayan locales of Nepal, Sumatra, India, Java, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

In any case, there are diverse kinds of Rudraksha beads that grow on the tree. Based on the vertical lines that run down on the surface, these lines are known as Mukhi, or as such, “furrows on the surface or the clefts”. (For example, if there are two vertical lines on the surface, at that point it is known as a 2 Mukhi Rudraksha.) Each Rudraksha bead contains 50.031% carbon, 30.53% oxygen, 17.897% hydrogen, 0.95% nitrogen, and each bead takes from about 15 to 16 years for it to fully grow and develop.

The Rudraksha accompanies diverse “Face” or “Mukhis”, extending from 1 to 21 Faces. Among them, 1 to 14 Mukhis are generally found. There are distinctive sorts of Rudraksha with in excess of 22 vertical lines, yet they are amazingly rare, and their properties haven’t been contemplated yet.

Types of Rudraksha Chain

Rudraksha is viewed as sacred. There are numerous ways to wear it but then a lot more superstitions on how not to wear it. A Rudraksha multiplies the positive energies of the person who wears it and guides that person the good and right way. Be that as it may, the prerequisite is to have that positive vitality. When such positivity exists, it doesn’t make a difference in what string or Rudraksha chain is used. These are some of the chains that people combine with their Rudraksha and wear it around their neck.

  • Gold Chain combined with Rudraksha
  • Silver Chain combined with Rudraksha
  • Copper chain combined with Rudraksha
  • Mixed Metal chain combined with Rudraksha
  • Silk Thread beaded Rudraksha
  • Wax Thread beaded Rudraksha
  • Nylon Thread beaded Rudraksha
  • Cotton Thread beaded Rudraksha

These are the various types of threads and Rudraksha Chains that are available in the market. Rudraksha is to be worn around the neck with a thread or chain so that it touches the Heart. This is vital in light of the fact that it will pass the energy via the soul to the whole human body. It doesn’t matter what the Rudraksha is beaded on as long as the belief of the person wearing it is holy and pure.

Benefits of wearing a Rudraksha

  • Rudraksha is to be worn after energizing. The important thing when wearing it for the first time is, wear it on the second day of the week and before wearing, say the mantra ” Om Namaha Shivaya ” 9 times or 10 times.
  • It should not be shared with another person after it has been worn by him/her.
  • It is okay to wear Rudraksha during the time of sexual intercourse and it has been proven as positive experiences by many couples. Those who want to have children, either husband/wife can wear Rudraksha to have a good result.
  • Never show the Rudraksha once one has started wearing it. Exposing Rudraksha gives welfare to others as well as to those who touched it. It is best to keep it unseen.
  • Make the Rudraksha a bit of the body. Wear it like clothes and don’t think and give too much regard to it.
  • Keep the beads close to the skin and don’t let others touch it. It can also be kept in the worship room and prayed upon for the welfare of the family.
  • Remember not to put Rudraksha while going to brothels or funerals. This is an important thing to remember.
  • Always put Rudraksha on the neck so that it touches the Heart. This is important because it helps to pass energy via soul to the entire human body.
  • It is best if worn in the white, black or yellow colored thread and can be worn in gold, copper, silver and mixed metal.

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