The Perfect Prom Look Guide For 2019

Prom Look Guide
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Prom looks are a real pressure cooker for high school girls, because unfortunately, yes you do get fashion policed about how you dress on your prom. However, you do not need to worry much and just follow the key tips and you will be good.

Things to Remember

Primarily, your prom look will be consisting of three important elements: your dress, your accessories including shoes and bag, and your hair and makeup. However, for the most part, you will have to pay attention to getting your dress right because that will define all other elements. Besides that remember that it is important to wear your confidence above everything else. Learn to be comfortable in your skin and embrace yourself the way you are. Focus on your physical and mental well being because a happy, confident smiling personality can overshadow all other imperfections, but even the most perfect cosmetic touch-ups cannot conceal your lack of confidence. Eat healthily, sleep well, surround yourself with positivity and take care of yourself.

Other than that start planning early and do not wait for the last moment. You have got quite a lot of things to manage and if you start early, you can easily focus on one thing at a time without taking any wrong decisions in panic mode. Moreover, it is also a good idea to set a budget beforehand especially if you are not someone who has all the money in the world to spend on a single prom night.

Your Dress

What kind of prom dresses you pick will depend on what kind of look you want to pull off, the weather in general, your comfort level with carrying a certain type of a dress, your body type and of course the dress code, which you should avoid violating. Choose your fabric and style according to the weather conditions so that you do not feel too cold or too hot. Body type is a very important consideration. If you have a lean body, try mermaid cuts and avoid something too draped or unstructured. If you have a broader frame, drapes, flares, and A-lines work quite well. You can find many other options for plus size prom dresses in the market too.

Hair and Makeup

Pay attention to your facial features when doing hair and makeup. Try not to get very experimental with hair colors before your prom. Although 2019 make up trends are all about nude looks, you can venture into bold colors if you feel your dress is plain enough to allow that. However, if you are already wearing loud or vibrant colors, avoid putting too many colors on your face. You can use contouring and sculpting techniques to play around with your facial features and define them, however, use a professional makeup artist if you are not very sure about your makeup skills.


Let your dress decide your jewelry and do not try to wear everything that you have resting in your jewelry box. If your dress is already too blingy or embellished, keep your jewelry very basic. A small pair of studs, awatch, and a few rings should be enough, Ditch the watch and any other wrist accessory altogether if you are wearing full sleeves. Likewise, wear neck pieces only if you have off shoulder dress. Do not wear heavy earrings and necklace at the same time.

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