Reasons Why People Aren’t Using Spotify

Using Spotify
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There is no denying that of the best music apps out there right now is Spotify. You can download Spotify free of charge but you will need to upgrade to a premium account if you wish to have more functionality and maximize the use of the app.

It’s undeniable that Spotify’s premium service is cheap but this is a subjective thought because believe it or not. Even if the only function for changing music in the free version is the shuffle button some people are still not switching to the premium account for various reasons:

Fees: Not all people like to pay fees, even if it costs less because not all people see the value and share these mindset like music lover does. Sometimes no matter how cheap the service is the thing is that you don’t need it and if you don’t need it some people treat it as a waste of money.

Contented with the shuffle button: Not all people have this music preference that they need to get the other button options. Sometimes you will see people happy getting the shuffle button and rely on chance on what music they can listen to.

Not all people need to download their favorite music: some people don’t really need to download their music because some already have pre-load music in their devices at the cost of their external or internal memory. And they can get the music files somewhere that is far better than downloading a music file and saving it in the app platform. Which is perfectly reasonable, aside from that this music can be saved in your memory or even in the cloud to listen over and over again for many years to come regardless if there is still a Spotify after 10 years or so.

Some have a trusted music app: Not all people has Spotify and for some people that has discovered their own music app before Spotify was even conceived has already invested a large amount of time in their music player that it’s already too hard to change to a new platform even if that new platform is better.

Doesn’t like or find the need for Spotify: it’s a matter of preference, at the end of the day, just like the fact that not all people are music lovers. Some people doesn’t really need the music for their daily grind every day and can pretty much just do things without the need for music just like other people does. And they just got Spotify to listen for a few minutes in a day or even in a month.

There will always be reason why people are happy with not switching to the premium nor even use Spotify everyday as their “go to” music player. It’s a matter or preference after all because everyone is unique and everyone’s purpose and needs are unique on itself. Some people find Spotify useful and some people don’t and no matter how good Spotify is if you’re preference isn’t in line with what Spotify aims to achieve it still won’t work because it all boils down to a matter of need and preference.


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