What The Major Differences Australia 309 And 100 Visa?

Australia 309 And 100 Visa
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Migration from one place to another is not at all an easy task. Yes, if you have all the documents and if you traveling abroad for work purpose, then it might get a tad bit easy. But other than that, you can have a tough time if you want to shift your family or even if you want to settle down somewhere abroad. Hence in this article, we are going to discuss the major difference Australia 309 and 100 visas and who all can enrol in the program. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Getting enrolled for a visa program can require several months of preparations and documentation of several records. With concerned authorities and other officials, you might have to get each of those documents verified as well. But for those people moving to Australia, there are certain types of partner visas subclasses 309/100that are handed out according to the reason for your immigration.

Types of visas that are handed out by the Australian government.

Based on the type of immigration status that you might approve for, then the there are two types of visas that are granted, namely.

     A partner visa (which falls under the subclass of 309)

  • Such visas are granted to the non-residents of Australia who have an official relationship or marriage status to an Australian citizen.
  • This visa is only for temporary basis and can be ruled out if the couple is found to be fraudulent.

     A permanent partner visa (falls under the subclass of 100)

  • Once the above mentioned visas are granted and you fulfill all the criteria for acquiring a permanent visa, then these visas are given out.
  • They are granted as permeants visas and allows you to stay in the country on a permanent basis.

What are the criteria for applying for any of the visas?

Like every other country, there are certain rules and regulations if anyone is looking for permanent visas to a particular country. Some of which are given below.

     Partner should be from Australia and a citizen of the country

  • For a person who is looking for these visas, they should have a spouse or a legitimate relationship with a citizen of Australia.

     Marriage should be registered

  • There should be a legal marriage certificate produced to the government of Australia to showcase that the marriage is certified and legal.

     Age limit 

  • For any couple to seek this visa, the marriage should be done only after the age of 17 and with the consent of both he parents.

Therefore, these visas are feasible for anyone who has married to an Australian citizen. There are not so many differences between the 2 kinds of visas. Hence for a person looking for any other type, they have a wide variety of visas from which you can choose from. But only with the right documentation a you actually get these visas. So play safe and all the best.

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