Keep in mind the wring sides of using nipple guards

nipple guards

There are many cases where use of nipple shields is recommended. If they are used in right circumstances then it can be a good thing for the breast feeding mothers. There are few who have trouble with flat nipples and some mild engorgement and due to that, it becomes difficult for them to latch the baby properly.

So, when nipple shields are used correctly, it can aid in breast feeding but at the same time there are nipple shield breast feeding disadvantages as well. One should know the pitfalls well so that they can avoid them while using the nipple guard and try to get the most benefit out of this tool.

Here are some major things to keep in mind so that one should be aware of the other side of using nipple guards. There are some valid reasons why doctors and nurse do not recommend this thing very frequently to new mothers. So, if one does not need a nipple shield they should not use it forcefully. But if they are using it after the doctor’s advice here are some disadvantages that one might face.

  • In most of the cases when one is nursing with a nipple shield, there will be less milk extraction than direct breast feeding. In fact, it will take some more time and effort for both the baby and the mother to get used to it.
  • If the baby is not emptying the breast milk and if it is happening due to the use of the nipple shield then one can have problems like clogged ducts, engorged breasts and some high chances of developing breast infection including mastitis.
  • If one decides to use a nipple shield on their own then they might end up choosing the wrong size for them and then go for some incorrect techniques while using them. So, one should never try and use it without asking any lactation expert.
  • One when starts using a nipple shield they get more dependent on it and then normal breast feeding for them become impossible. So, one should use them only if they really need to use them and they also need to develop a proper plan on how to stop it. This is because; the ultimate goal is to breast feed the baby without any kind of assistance.

If one starts using a nipple shield they also need to stop it after some point. This is very important to minimise the risk. If one is trying to learn to breast feed without using a nipple shield then it also saves the time of cleaning the shield and makes the breast feeding process more natural.

Sometimes the lactation consultant might ask the new mothers to take help of a nipple shield for a few days so that they can latch the baby properly. But whipping it off at the right time is also very necessary.

The above mentioned disadvantages of using nipple shield can affect both the health of the mother and baby and so trying out to make the baby breast feed naturally should be the first concern.

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