Design Thinking is the New Kid on the HR Certifications Block

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Human-centered design or design thinking is a problem-solving approach and is widely covered in the curriculum of the HR certification these days. It is been borrowed from the product design industry that has implications on a wide spectrum of professionals and certifications which now includes the human resources professionals and the human resources certification.

The process includes the acknowledgment and understanding the needs of the people, incubating new ideas, and building prototypes to see what works and what doesn’t. Experimentations give you data to make decisions on solutions for the implementation and preparation of adoption.

While developing an effective human resources management system, human resources professionals must keep these points in mind:

  • Prioritizing the employee experience
  • Designing a simple system
  • Involving all stakeholders in the designing purpose
  • Prototyping in small and iterative ways and not building robust systems right away as there is always room for improvement

There are different principles involved in the process some of which are:

Human-Centered Design: Human needs by way of this principle are kept at the heart of the design thinking. The human resources work is about people but seldom does HR practice cater to them. Qualitative research is a must-have to learn about the actual people needs to design something of consequence.The human resources certification has come to realize the importance of this parameter.

Collaborative Design: To engage people is one of the foundation stones of the design thinking process. The practices which are built in consonance with them have more chances to be followed that a rigorous and stringent application. The modern HR team with the excellent HR certifications organize different competitions for people to brainstorm about the kind of environment they would like to have.

Creative Problem-Solving: The HR certification these days involve in its curriculum not just problem-solving but creative problem-solving. You lookat the problems from a new perspective to come up with solutions that are innovative. Creativity is pushed to a corner when it comes to the capabilities the human resources management team must have. But the future belongs to those who have HR certification where creativity is appreciated as much as the other capabilities.

Prototyping and Experimentation: The solutions that come out of the design thinking being used as a process has to be agile and hands-on. The designing must take time and allow differences in the idea of the different stake holders be reflected in the final product. Nobody must feel left out of the process. Try to build prototypes which are low in cost and get feedback from different people. That will be a test by fire but will be worth it.

When the human resources professionals are adept in their knowledge, all these steps come naturally and become a part of the routine. The knowledge in return come from the right human resources certification. The professionals of the human resources must make it a point to get the HR certifications as soon as possible.

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