Features of Cloud storage

Cloud storage

Everyone prefer the electronic device, laptop or computer, to store their data as data stores in it in structured and well mannered way so that you can access it easily. Among all over world, everyone has their laptop or computer. There is no limitation that you can store only specific amount of data. Store your data in your computer or laptop which is in digital format in any amount either in GBs or in TBs. People use it mostly for storing and saving their huge amount of data. There are…

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Strange Facts for Android Free Download – 9Apps


How curious are you? How interested are you in knowing the things that are strange? If you have answers to these questions, then you are also finding the reason why the app Strange Facts for Android is hotly downloaded from 9Apps store. The app gets over 10,000 installs every week. Here we check out the features and facts about Strange Facts for Android Free Download – 9Apps. Features Fitting all age groups: The Strange Facts app is a perfect fit for users of every age. The app is being enjoyed…

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3D Designing In India and Its Application in Art Industry

3D Designing

The 3D designing is just one more name of creativity where the 3D artists utilize their imaginations to create some beautiful pieces of artworks. Though this technology is new to India, it is emerging fast as a form of creative expression in the country. The use of 3D Printing in India is being done in almost all fields be it education, defense, health or automobile industry but there is one field where it seems taking a centre stage, bypassing all the traditional ways and methods of work. The amalgamation of…

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Disaster recovery: Going green is a proven strategy in data centres!

Disaster recovery

Everyone’s interested in helping the environment and in saving some money for the rainy days. If you find either or both facts appealing, it’s time to reconsider colour of the data centre especially when it comes to effective disaster recovery. More and more businesses want greener and eco-friendly IT operations but don’t know where to begin with. While outsourcing operations and equipment, for a data centre it means someone else would tackle the electricity bill without any clarity as to how much energy your IT infrastructure is expending and whether…

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Industries That Achieve Immense Benefits With Oracle Technology

The Oracle technology is one of the most widely accepted solutions all over the world. Thousands of industries get the benefit of the technology in making their database efficient and effective. However, some of the industries have been very successful in achieving the enormous results with this technology. According to the oracle resellers, the technology has been especially effective for certain industries. The benefits have been extraordinary, which has made more players to adapt to the tools and solutions offered by Oracle. Here, in this article, you will find some of the most…

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Get Ahead in Your Career With the Best Big Data Certification

Big Data Certification

The dynamic field of big data is for sure here to stay. The world is getting digital in every moment & this means big data is going to grow at a rapid pace. To choose a career in Big Data certainly is one of the big moves. The big data analytics professionals who are currently working in big data can expect an attractive remuneration with many organizations are realizing the need for experts in big data & analytics. Now is a great time to enter into the field because the…

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Some Great Features of Online Recharge Portal

Online Recharge Portal

With the advancing technology, the use of smart phones and gadgets have increased a lot. It has brought about lots of changes in the world these days. With this have developed the facility of All in One Mobile  Recharge. This scenario is trending a lot these days and with this have increased the use of online recharge portal. It has managed to have countless number of users. Each and every person in the globe these days have internet connections some way or the other. Different users have different connection providers…

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Video conferencing with Vidyo Uses and Features

Vidyo video conferencing solutions

When you are separated by huge distances and to need to conduct a meeting, the best way to go forward is to opt for video conferencing. This necessitates the need for video conferencing tools or one could choose a ready made solution from the many vendors that offer video conferencing solutions. Arrange conferences with Vidyo One of the most popular solutions is Vidyo for video conferencing. You see how video conferencing works in point to point communication like a video phone, only you have many participants. So, if your technical…

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