An overview about PET CT scans in a nutshell

PET CT scans

PET stands for positron emission topography. It is termed as an imaging test that goes on to check diseases in your body. Here a special dye incorporated with radioactive ulcers is formulated. You can swallow, inject or inhale them. Though it might depend on what part of your body is subject to examination. When you opt for the best PET scan in Hyderabad the doctors are able to figure out how well the tissues along with the organs are working.

In regions of high chemical activity the tracers will be collected and this is helpful as certain tissues of the body are high in terms of chemical activity. These regions would emerge as bright spots during the course of the scan. With this scan you can figure out the blood flow, how the body puts the sugar into use. As it is an outpatient procedure once the scan is over you can head over for work

In case of cancer cells the rate of metabolism is high when you compare it to non-cancer cells. Because of the higher levels of chemical activity and with a PET scan you can easily detect cancer. It would also be useful to figure out

  • If the cancer has gone on to spread
  • Clearly understand whether the treatment of cancer is working
  • Figure out whether chances of cancer recurrence do exist.

The phase of preparation for a PET CT scan?

The best CT scan centre in Hyderabad will give you complete instructions on how to prepare for the surgery. Do discuss with your doctor about any over the counter medicines or herbal supplements if you are consuming.

A few days before the scan you might be restricted from any form of physical activity. Exercise in the preceding 24 to 48 hours before the scan works out to be a strict no. Before you examination you might be asked to stay away from low carbohydrate and sugar free food. Some of the foods that you need to avoid are sugar, cereal, rice or alcohol. The foods that you can consume are non-starchy vegetables along with meat.

Hours before

If you are given anaesthesia before the procedure does not eat or drink anything on the day of your PET scan. If you need to take any medications drink only a few sips of water. In case if you have not gone to receive anaesthesia, still you may not be asked to eat anything 6 hours before the surgery is about to take place. Stay away from chewing gum or munching candy, mint or cough medicines at this juncture. If some medicines are suggested you might be able to drink water.

You might be asked to change over to a hospital gown. As metal could have a role with the equipment it is advised to remove all metallic objects which you are wearing particularly the body piercing ones. At the same time devices like artificial hips and pacemakers will not have any impact on the results. But with metal implants you cannot undergo the scan.

Other considerations

You should also discuss with your doctor any medical conditions if you are having like

  • If you are pregnant or thinking on the lines of become pregnant inform your doctor. This test would not be safe for the baby
  • In case if you are breastfeeding you might have to pump and store the milk 24 hours prior to the surgery. After 24 hours of the test you might be able to breastfeed the baby
  • If you are dealing with the issue of diabetes, then special instructions for undertaking the test needs to be suggested as fast affects the blood sugar levels. Just opt for a normal dose of insulin and opt for a light meal 4 hours before the scan

The procedure of a PET scan?

Before the procedure of the scan you are expected to receive tracers though the medium of veins in the arms. It could be a drinking solution or the gas you inhale. The body does need time to absorb the tracers so you need to wait an hour before the scan is about to begin.

What is the exact duration of time for the body to absorb the tracer would be dependent upon the area of the body that is subject to be scanned. When you are waiting you would want to relax and not make any untoward movement. If you are having a brain scan you need to stay away from TV, radio or visual activities.

Once the scan is undertaken it would take around 30 to 45 minutes at the most. You have to lie down on a narrow table to which the PET machine is attached. The table would go on to slide on to the machine which means that the scan be performed.

During the scan you have to lie down still. The technician would guide you on when to remain still. You will be asked to hold the breath for a few seconds. Clicking and buzzing noises would be heard during the course of the test.

With all the protocols completed you are taken out of the machine. The test is then over.

After a PET scan what happens?

Once the test is over you can continue with your day unless specific instructions are given by the doctor. As radioactive material does remain in the body for around 24 hours, you might want to limit the contact with infants and pregnant woman at this point of time.

Intake of fluids should increase so as to take out the tracers from the system. All the tracers are going to leave the body within a couple of days.

Then a trained specialist would go on to interpret the PET scan images and this information will be discussed with the doctor. Within a couple of business days the results are in front of the doctor and they will be ready with them on follow up appointment.

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