4 Essential Financial Lessons Business Owners Need to Learn

When planning to set-up a business after the GST roll-out, you need to be careful and extremely knowledgeable. You need to follow the GST norms while keeping in mind your business objectives. It is difficult for start-ups to generate revenue until they try hard and hire hard-working and dedicated employees to gain growth. GST implementation will help start-ups to grow in the competitive market by offering them certain benefits such as composition scheme. It is a scheme in which businesses whose annual turnover is less than 75 lakhs can get…

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Cook some delicious mutton curry in your kitchen

mutton curry

Mutton is mainly a weekend dish to Indians. Come Sunday afternoon and people are ready to cook some delicious dishes with soft mutton meat and this is a delicacy which can be paired with hot and steamed white rice. Mutton mainly requires slow cooking in a very low heat so that the moisture of the meat is retained along with the juice and its tenderness. The meat has to be cooked at a very high heat and then it is cooked from a very tender to low heat. You should…

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Four Questions that Every New Artist Is Asked Frequently

No matter how good a person is, in the work he does, if he is new, his work will always be double-checked. Similarly, when someone opts to buy paintings online or offline of a novice artist, he or she would be dubious about the same. Why? Because no one would want to invest their money in a painting of an artist which they or anyone else has not heard of. This is the reason why every artist, when new in the field of art needs to burn their midnight’s oil…

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